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Under Graduate Courses in VLSI

4252 Advanced Laboratory

 Analysis and design of electrical, electronic and digital systems. Prerequisites: EEEN 3312, EEEN 3333, EEEN 3449 and communication elective.

4310 Introduction to Design&Fabrication of Microelectronic Circuits via VLSI Circuitry

Introduces the design principles of MOS transistors operation charecteristics and gives an insight into the fabrication process of integrated circuit wafers. The topics include MOS transistors, Regions of operation, Switching Characteristic, CMOS process technology, Modelling with SPICE, VLSI CAD tools, Pad and power connections, Design of memory and other programable devices  and design projects of small to medium scale integrated circuits. Prerequisites: EEEN 3325 and EEEN 2340. 

4344 Computer Architecture and Design

Basic computer organization, data representation and arithmetic, instruction sets and addressing modes, assembly language, data path and control, memory, input and output and communication. Prerequisites: EEEN 3449 or CSEN 2330, EEEN 2340.

4355 Digital Systems Engineering

Principles in digital system design and testing, digital integrated circuits, digital system design with PLDS and FPGAS, introduction to an HDL, memory, microprocessors and design for testability. Prerequisites: EEEN 3325 and EEEN 2340.

Graduate Courses in VLSI

5303 Analysis & Design of Analog Integrated Circuits

Analysis and design methods and techniques of integrated circuits involving BJTs. The topics include Bipolar transistor small and large signal models, single and multiple transistor amplifiers, current mirrors, active loads, output stages, operational amplifier with single-ended outputs.(Credit may not be obtained in both EEEN 5303 and CSEN 5303 courses if the topic is the same)

5333 Print of VLSI Circuit Design

Principles of design and fabrication of microelectronic circuits via Very Large Scale Integrated circuitry (VLSI), structured design methods for VLSI systems, use of computer- aided design tools, design projects of small to medium scale integrated circuits. Prerequisite: EEEN 3338 or equivalent.

5303 Semiconductor Fundamentals

5330 Rapid Prototyping ASIC Design

Principles of electronic system design using Application-Specific Integrated Circuits (ASIC) approach: digital hardware modeling techniques using an HDL, logic simulation, logic synthesis, standard cells, gate arrays, sea of gates, bit serial hardware design methods and analog methods.

5304 Advanced Computer Architecture

Introduces the design principles of modern computers. The topics include RISC and CISC architectures, interconnection networks, multiprocessors and multicomputer systems, dataflow and systolic arrays, future outlook for architectures and the basics of parallel algorithms. Credit may not be obtained in both EEEN 5304 and CSEN 5304.

5341 Advanced Digital Integrated Circuits

Advanced concepts of circuit design for digital Very Large Scale Circuitry (VLSI) components in state-of-the-art Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS) technologies. Emphasis is on the design and optimization of high-speed (high performance devices), high density (heterogeneous systems on a chip) and low-power (portable applications) integrated circuits. Prerequisites: EEEN 5330, EEEN 5333 (or approval of instructor).

5305  Graduate Research Project

A graduate research project must be completed and submitted to the Graduate Office for a grade to be assigned, otherwise IP notations are recorded. This course is specifically designed for Plan II and Plan III students. Prerequisite: departmental approval.

5306 Thesis

This course is for Plan I students. The course requires 6 hours of grades, the first 3 hours consisting of completion of a thesis proposal and the last 3 hours consisting of completion of the thesis. Completion of the thesis proposal is a prerequisite for enrollment in the last 3 hours of thesis.

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