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Undergraduate Courses in Computer Science

2303. Introduction to Computing Using Visual Basic and Excel. 3(3-0)

Problem solving methods and algorithm development. Computer programming using Visual Basic. How to use Excel. Designing, coding, debugging and documenting programs using techniques of good programming style. Prerequisites: MATH 1314 and MATH 1316 or equivalent.

2304. Introduction to Computer Science.  3(3-0)

Introduction to computer systems, problem solving methods and algorithm development. Structured programming using a programming language such as C. Designing, coding, debugging and documenting programs using techniques of software development cycle. Prerequisites: MATH 1314 or equivalent.

2306. Object-Oriented Programming.  3(3-0)

Major concepts and features of the C++ programming, fundamental data types, flow control, functions and file operations, structured data, procedural and object-oriented programming, classes, encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism, mechanism for operator overloading, template concept, facilities for input and output.  Prerequisites: CSEN2304.

2310. Object-Oriented Software Engineering. 3(3-0)

Introduction to objects, object-oriented analysis and modeling, object-oriented design, implementation using an object- oriented language, such as C++. Prerequisite: CSEN 2304.

2328. Data Structures and Algorithm. 3(3-0)

Algorithm analysis, lists, stacks, queues, trees, hashing, priority queues, sorting, graph algorithms and algorithm design. Prerequisite: CSEN 2304.

2330. Assembly Language and Computer Organization. 3(3-0)

Basic concepts of computer systems and computer architecture. Machine instructions and basic data types. Representation of information. Arithmetic and logical operations. Addressing operands in storage. Assembly language programming. Prerequisite: CSEN 2304.

In addition to the listed prerequisite for the following 4000 series courses, a student must have an overall grade point average of 2.0 or higher.

4201-4202. Senior Project. 4(1-3)

A major project of an original nature carried to completion over a period of two semesters. Normally taken in the final academic year prior to graduation. Prerequisite: senior standing in Computer Science.

4314. Database Systems. 3(3-0)

File and database organization techniques. Network, hierarchical and relational data models. Normalization. Commercially- available DBMS. Query languages. DBMS design and implementation.

4315. Computer Graphics. 3(3-0)

Acts as a resource for anyone interested in 3D modeling, providing detailed coverage of both realistic and nonrealistic images. Deals with the process involved in converting a mathematical or geometric description of an object ( a computer graphics model) into visualization (2D) that simulates the appearance of a real object. Prerequisite: CSEN 2304 and MATH 1348.

4316. Software Engineering I. 3(3-0)

Introduction to formal software design principles. An engineering approach to software development. Software project management. Software requirements analysis, specification, design, development and validation. Prerequisite: 6 semester hours of Computer Science or Computer Information Systems.

4317. Software Engineering II. 3(3-0)

Advanced software design principles. An engineering approach to software development emphasizing advanced techniques for validation and verification. Prerequisite: CSEN 4316.

4320. Computer Networks. 3(3-0)

Data communication networks and ISO reference model, the electrical interface, data transmission, data link and its protocols, local area network and its protocols, wide area network and its protocols, internetworking. Prerequisite: 6 hours of upper level Computer Science.

4335. Selected Topics. V:1-3

One or more topics of computer science. May be repeated for a total of 6 semester hours. Prerequisite: consent of instructor.

4336. Special Problems. V:1-3

Individual solution of selected problems in computer science conducted under direct supervision of a faculty member. May be repeated for up to 6 semester hours. Prerequisite: consent of instructor.

4340. Computer Security. 3(3-0)

This course covers theory and practice of computer security. It explains cryptographic tools used to provide security such as shared key encryption, public key encryption, key exchange, and digital signature, with application to security in computer program, operating system, database management system and network. Prerequisite: CSEN 4320

4361. System Software. 3(3-0)

The study of system software components such as assemblers, macros and macro processors, compilers, linkers and loaders. The function and development of these components are emphasized. Prerequisite: CSEN 2330 or EEEN 3449.

4362. Operating Systems. 3(3-0)

Study of operating system principles, including process management, memory management, resource allocation and input, output and interrupt processing. Prerequisite: CSEN 2330 or EEEN 3449.

4366. Programming Languages. 3(3-0)

Formal definition of programming languages including specification of syntax and semantics. Precedence, infix, prefix and postfix notation. Global properties of algorithmic languages. List processing, string manipulation, data description and simulation languages. Run-time representation of program and data structures. Prerequisite: CSEN 2328.

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