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Dr. Ayush Goyal, Assistant Professor of Computer Science Engineering

Dr. Ayush Goyal

DrAyush Goyal has a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Oxford, which he completed in the year 2013. He graduated in Electrical Engineering from Boise State University, where he graduated as a Top Ten Scholar with a 4.0 / 4.0 GPA and one of the top four Eta Kappa Nu Engineering Honor Society honorable mentions in the year 2005. He is a Clarendon Scholar, having won the prestigious Clarendon scholarship award to pursue his doctoral studies at Oxford. He has done two post-doctoral research projects from Tulane University and King's College London, published more than 25 journal and conference papers, and filed 4 patents.
His research projects are in applying machine learning and big data analysis algorithms for applications in computer vision, image processing, and biomedical engineering, in which he is mentoring undergraduate and graduate research student projects. He has worked on feature extraction, region / object of interest segmentation, and 3D reconstruction and modeling of cardiac and brain MRI and CT images for computerized reconstruction of gray and white matter regions in the brain or blood vessels and the left ventricle in the heart. He is currently working on projects for developing computational software platforms as cardiac or neurological disease detection and decision support systems that facilitate fully automated extraction, segmentation, and measurement of left and right ventricles from cardiac MRI images and gray and white matter regions, lesions, tumors, etc. from brain MRI images.
His technical background and research experience are in the field of computer vision, image processing, biomedical engineering, particularly biomedical image processing and bioinformatics. His Oxford doctoral research was in the area of biomedical image processing for 3D computational reconstructions of coronary vasculature. The image data used was cardiac MRI, CT, and whole-organ optical fluorescence cryomicrotomography. His post-doctoral research in King's College London was in cardiac MRI image processing for reconstruction of patient-specific computational models of coronary arteries and the left and right ventricles for evaluation of a patient’s heart using clinical parameters such as ejection fraction, stroke volume, and end-systolic and end-diastolic volume. His post-doctoral research at Tulane University was in protein design bioinformatics using computational modeling of proteins for minimizing their energy and optimizing the protein sequence, with applications in HIV protease inhibitors and drug delivery to targeted cancer cells. One of his biomedical research projects has been in the field of medical image processing applied to automatic detection of mycobacterium tuberculosis from Ziehl-Neelsen stained sputum smears of patients and designing a stand-alone independent portable minilab bacilliscope for screening tuberculosis from stained sputum, urine, and blood smears of patients. In another medical image processing research, he has also been working on automatic segmentation of the gray and white matter regions from brain MRI and endo and epi cardia of the left and right ventricles and the myocardium from cardiac MRI images. The motivation for this research is quantifying clinical parameters such as atrophy rate as a measure of dementia or neurological imapirment in the brain in order to assess brain disease and ejection fraction, left ventricle myocardium mass, stroke volume, systolic volume, and diastolic volume in the heart in order to assess a patient's heart disease. One of his latest medical image processing research work is in segmentation, extraction, and reconstruction of computational models of aneurysms, stenosis, and occlusions from MRI and CT images and computational fluid dynamics based blood flow simulations through computational models of these vascular anomalies for prediction of stroke in a patient’s coronary or cerebral vasculature. His latest medical image processing research is in automatic detection of disease from pattern recognition of dried blood microdrop stains using support vector machine learning algorithms that when trained can detect the difference between the dried blood stain patterns of normal and diseased individuals.


Journal Publications

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Conference Papers

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