Personnel Profile

Pat T. Leelani,P.E., Professor

Pat T. Leelani,P.E.


-Ph.D.,The University of Akron, Ohio, May 1980.
-M.S.,The University of Akron, Ohio, June 1974.
-Honorary Mining Degree,PPG Industries, Barberton, Ohio, May 1973. 
-B.S.,Chulalongkorn University, Thailand, March 1969

Teaching Interests

Engineering Mechanics, Geotechnical Engineering, Hands-on Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory, Foundation Engineering, Senior Design Courses with various design projects: Steel frames, long-span roof trusses, reinforced masonry walls, foundation design, ship docks, concrete slabs, floor slabs on grade, pavement design, geometrical design of highways and drainage, short-span bridge design with steel andprestressed beams, bridge walls, bridge piers, etc.

Licenses Certifications

-P.E., State of Texas

Research Interests

-Geotechnical engineering 
-Static and Dynamic properties of Soil


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-Lu, D., Challoo, R., and Leelani, P.T., "Design and Development of a Microcomputer-Based Data Acquisition and Control System for Geotechnical Dynamic Triaxial Testing Apparatus," AUTOTESTCON, the IEEE Conference of Systems Readiness Technology, Los Angeles, 1991.Chosen for the best paper award.

-Leelani, P.T., and Shaar, M.M., "Stabilized Active Clay by Sand Admixtures," ASCE Geotechnical Special Publication No. 30, Vol.2, pp1042-1053, Proceedings of the Grouting Soil Improvement and Geosyntheticsedited by Borden, R.H., Holtz, R.D., and Juran, I., held in New Orleans, Louisiana, February 1992.

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Leelani, P.T., Benson, F.C., Sai, J. O., Faruqi, M.A., and Estrada, H., "Integrating Spreadsheet Applications into the Design of Anchored Sheetpiling Systems," Proceedings of the INTERTECH 2000 in Cincinnati, Ohio, in June 2000.

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-Leelani, P.T. and Minor, J.E., "Incorporation of Structural Design for Hurricanes into Senior Design Courses of Civil Engineering Program at TAMUK," Proceedings of 10th Americas Conference on Wind Engineering CD on May 31 - June 4, 2005 Baton Rough, Louisiana.

-Aguiniga, F., Matakis, K., Estrada, H., Sai, J.O., Leelani, P.T., and Sheldon, J., "Wave Loads on Bridge Decks," as part of the Summary Report 0-5516-S for TxDOT Project: Synthesis of Wave Load Design Methods for Coastal Bridges in August 2006.

-Leelani, P.T. and John Swink, "Reinforced Masonry Design," in progress.

Research Activities with Funding

-"Development of Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory," $250,000 from the Texas Higher Education Specified Budgets in 1979-89.

-"Installation of a Universal Testing Machine," $93,000 from the Special Proposition Fund of TAIU in1985-86.

-"A Microcomputer for Research," $5,000, the TAIU Faculty Research Development Program, 1986.

-"Settlement of Dry Sand Under a Model Rocking Vibrating Footing," $17,732 from the Organized Research Program of TAIU 1987-88.

-"Bonding Strength of Cement Mortars," $4,500, TAIU Faculty Research Enhancement Program, 1988.

-"Cyclic Triaxial Apparatus for Determining Dynamic Properties of Caliche," $83,000 from the NSF, 1989-91 with $50,000 matching from the TAIU Research Enhancement Program.

-"Civil Engineering Research Enhancement," $5,000 per year from Exxon-Parker in 1997-2003.

-Research Funding for $16,248 from TxDOT for serving as an instructor for the Roadway Design Class, DES 111 held in Houston District in December 11-18, 2005 and San Antonio in March 13-17, 2006.

-Joined Civil Engineering Faculty Research Team under the leadership of Dr. Francisco Aguiniga to Conduct Research for TxDOT Project No. 0-5516: Synthesis of Wave Load Design Methods for Costal Bridge in Summer 2006.

Teaching Experience

-1978-79: Part-time instructor at The University of Akron while conducting doctoral research
-1979-1983: Assistant Professor at Texas A&M University-Kingsville (TAMUK)
-1983-1989: Associate Professor at TAMUK
-1989-1996: Professor at TAMUK
-1997-2003: Professor and Chair, Department of Civil Engineering at TAMUK
-2004-present: Professor of Civil Engineering at TAMUK.

Professional Experience

-Government Highway Department of Thailand, served as a project soil engineer 1969-1972.Constructed a major highway with earthwork constructions and asphaltic concrete surface paved for more than 100 kilometers.

-During pursuing Ph.D. degree at The University of Akron, worked for Timmerman Engineering Group,Akron, Ohio in summer 1974.Conducted a series of laboratory geotechnical experiments for a 20-story Ohio Edison Building.OhDOT research.

-During serving as TAMUK faculty, worked as a consulting engineer for the Exxon Company U.S.A., Corpus Christi, Texas in summer 1982 for the following projects:1)Design of foundations for $9,000,000 gas treatment plant at Freer,Texas.2)Design of pier foundations of refinery tower in King Ranch, Texas.3)Review of Exxon-specifications for bidding and construction of roadways.

-Part-time Consulting Engineer for the Maverick Consulting Engineering in 1983-1985. Evaluated the stability and safety of $6,000,000 ship channel using anchored-bulkhead sheet piles at Palacious, Texas.

-Part-time Consulting Engineer for the City of Corpus Christi in 1985-1986. Determined the stability and safety of the Marina Seawalls at Corpus Christi Shorelines, Texas.

-Part-time Consulting Engineer for Amoco Co. in 1986-1987. Designed approximately ten vibrating foundation systems for oil compressors.

-Part-time Consulting Engineer for SAFE Engineering Firm in 1987-1998. Designed a short pier foundation system founded in the expansive soil.

-Part-time Consulting Engineer for Naithsmith Engineering in 1989.Evaluated the safety of concrete centrifugal system and spillway for waste-treatment facilities at McAllen, Texas.

-Part-time Consulting Engineer for the Uranium Resources Inc. in 1990. Investigated the failure of the 36-ft diameter centrifugal clarifier cone for uranium mining in South Texas.

-Part-time Consulting Engineer for the City of Corpus Christi in 1990-1991. Designed the vibrating foundation systems of the centrifugal pumps for sewer treatment plants in Corpus Christi, Texas.

-Part-time Consulting Engineer for the City of Kingsville in 1991-96. Prepared plans for the recreational projects at the east-side developments in Kingsville, Texas.

-Part-time Consulting Engineer for various small engineering projects over the years.The activity has been significantly reduced since I served as Chair of Civil Engineering Department at TAMUK in 1997 to 2003.

Honors and Awards

-1981 Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honorary.
-1982 ASCE Award for Outstanding Services
-1983 ASCE Award for Outstanding Services.
-1987 Outstanding Instructor in Civil Engineering.
-1989, 1994, and 1999 Service Awards from Texas A&M University-Kingsville
-1991 Award for the best paper at the AUTOTESTCON, the IEEE Conference of Systems Readiness Technology, Los Angeles

Professional Affiliations

-International Society of Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering (1982-1998).
-Geo-Engineering Institutes (since 1999)
-American Society of Civil Engineers (Since 1980).
-American Society of Civil Engineers-Corpus Christi Branch (Since 1980)
-University Faculty Association (1990-1994)
-Texas Faculty Association (Since 1997)
-Texas Farm Bureau (Since 1989).
-Texas Parks and Wild Life (Since 1992). 
-Navy League of the United State (Since 2005)

Contact Information

Civil and Architectural Engineering
EC 375
MSC 194 Texas A&M University-Kingsville
Kingsville, Texas 78363-8202
voice: (361) 593-2266, 593-2268
fax: (361) 593-2069
Personal Website:

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