Graduate Courses in Civil Engineering

5303. Advanced Topics in Civil Engineering. V:1-3

One or more advanced topics. May be repeated for a maximum of 6 semester hours.

5305. Graduate Research Project. 3

A graduate research project must be completed and submitted to the Graduate Office for a grade to be assigned, otherwise IP notations are recorded. This course is specifically designed for Plan II and Plan III students. Prerequisite: departmental approval.

5306. Thesis. 3

This course is for Plan I students. The course requires 6 hours of grades, the first 3 hours consisting of completion of a thesis proposal and the last 3 hours consisting of completion of the thesis. Completion of the thesis proposal is a prerequisite for enrollment in the last 3 hours of thesis.

5310. Theory of Elasticity. 3(3-0)

Introduction to index and tensor notations; discussion of the concept of stress, strain, deformations, strain compatibility and constitutive relations; formulation and solution of extension, bending, torsion and two-dimensional elasticity problems. (Credit may not be obtained in both CEEN 5310 and MEEN 5320.)

5311. Advanced Reinforced Concrete Design. 3(3-0)

Analysis and design of flat plate, flat slab and two-way slab systems for gravity loads and lateral loads. Yield line theory of slabs. Deep beams, shear-friction, brackets and corbels. Length effects on braced and unbraced columns. Prerequisite: CEEN 3304.

5312. Engineering Reinforced Concrete Slabs. 3(3-0)

Elastic plate theory, finite difference, behavior of two-way slabs, ACI code design methods, upper and lower bound methods, serviceability, shear strength, pre-stressed slabs. Prerequisite: graduate standing in engineering.

5313. Numerical Methods in Civil Engineering. 3(3-0)

Numerical methods for advanced analysis and design applications in Civil Engineering. Prerequisite: MATH 5372. (Credit may not be obtained for both CEEN 5313 and MEEN 5313.)

5314. Finite Element Methods in Engineering. 3(3-0)

Principles and applications of the Finite Element Method: energy based variational principle methods, the principles of virtual work, weighted residual methods. Emphasis on structural and nonstructural elements and applications. Prerequisite: CSEN 2304 or equivalent and graduate standing.

5315. Hydraulics of Open Channels. 3(3-0)

Application of momentum and energy principles to advanced topics in uniform, nonuniform, gradually varied and rapidly varied flow problems. Backwater flow profile computation in steady flow. The method of characteristics applied to unsteady flows. Jeffreys-Verdernikov criteria. Flood routing calculations by advanced computer methods. Prerequisite: CEEN 3392 or CHEN 3392.

5316. Engineering Mechanics of Fiber Composites. 3(3-0)

Introductions of basic composite material technologies, properties of classic laminate theory, transformation of stresses and strains, failure theories, performance under adverse conditions, structural design considerations, computer applications, application of composites to concrete structures and practical case studies. Prerequisite: graduate standing in engineering.

5320. Foundation Engineering I. 3(3-0)

Engineering characteristics of soils, consolidation, soil strength and bearing capacity for the analysis and design of spread and continuous footings, compensated foundations and deep foundations. Prerequisite: graduate standing in engineering.

5321. Structural Dynamics. 3(3-0)

Dynamic disturbances, such as earthquakes and blasting. Vibration of beams, frames and floor systems; response to various types of external disturbances; energy methods. Prerequisite: MEEN 3355.

5322. Foundation Engineering II. 3(3-0)

Engineering characteristics of soils, soil strength, lateral earth pressure theories, analysis of braced walls for excavation, retaining walls, sheet-pile walls and cofferdams. Prerequisite: graduate standing in engineering.

5333. Advanced Strength of Materials. 3(3-0)

Torsion of noncircular sections, membrane theory of shells, bending of plates and beams on elastic foundations. Two dimensional elasticity theory. Prerequisite: CEEN 3311.

5335. Prestressed Concrete. 3(3-0)

Principles and methods of design of members subject to linear prestressing; time-dependent variables and long-time deflections. Prestressed columns. Prerequisite: CEEN 3304.

5337. Advanced Structural Analysis. 3(3-0)

Theorems of external work and internal strain energy. Classical methods of analysis. Continuous girders and frames with variable moments of inertia. Influence lines for redundant reactions. Analysis of sideways by moment distribution. Introduction to matrix analysis of structures. Prerequisite: CEEN 3303.

5340. Water Resources Engineering. 3(3-0)

Comprehensive integration of engineering, economics, environmental, legal and political considerations in water resources development and management, current issues and future direction for planning and management of water resources.

5350. Transportation Engineering I. 3(3-0)

Profession of transportation, transportation industry-systems and organizations, modes of transportation and their characteristics, transportation planning, forecasting travel demand by mode, evaluation of transportation alternatives including economic criteria, transportation systems management.

5355. Groundwater Hydrology. 3(3-0)

An applied course dealing with groundwater hydrology and its interrelation with surface water, water well design, well pumps, well hydraulics, pumping tests and safe yield of aquifers, artificial recharge, flow nets, salt water intrusion and some modeling of groundwater flow. Prerequisites: CEEN 3392 or CHEN 3392.

5356. Physicochemical Treatment of Water and Wastewater. 3(3-0)

Theory and fundamentals of physical and chemical unit processes used for water and wastewater treatment. Process analysis, water quality criteria and standards and pertinent journal articles are reviewed. Prerequisite: B.S. in Civil or Chemical Engineering.

5360. Advanced Structural Engineering. 3(3-0)

Initial value problems, elasticity preview, basic energy principles and applications to pin- connected structures, calculus of variation, applications to plates, stability, applications to dynamics. Prerequisite: graduate standing in engineering.

5361. Advanced Structural Steel Design. 3(3-0)

Design of steel structural members, including composite beams, plate girders and connections following the AISC LRFD specifications, economy evaluation of building design and design of frame structures including second order effects. Prerequisite: graduate standing in engineering.

5368. Biological Treatment of Wastewater. 3(3-0)

Analysis of biological unit processes used to treat wastewater. General models for suspended growth and fixed film biological systems are developed using the mass balance concept. Review of pertinent journal articles. (Credit may not be obtained for both CEEN 5368 and EVEN 5326.)

To earn graduate credit for any undergraduate course authorized in the graduate catalog, the student must complete an extra assignment of graduate level quality that is not required of undergraduate students. The following advanced undergraduate courses have been approved by the Graduate Council for graduate credit: CEEN 4316. Structural Steel Design. CEEN 4362. Hydrology.

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