College of Engineering Committees

Standing Committees

Undergraduate Programs (one faculty member from each department)

  • CHNG – Dr. John Chisholm 
  • CEAE – Dr. Francisco Aguiniga
  • EECS – Dr. Lifford McLauchlan
  • EVEN – Dr. Tushar Sinha
  • MTEN – Dr. Ulan Dakeev
  • MEIE – Dr. Sangsoo Lee
  • Associate Dean Breanna Bailey (ex officio)

Graduate Programs (graduate coordinator of each graduate program)

  • CHNG – Dr. Ali Pilehvari (CHNG and NG)
  • CEAE – Dr. Jong-won Choi (CE)
  • EECS –Dr. Iqbal Omar (CS); Dr. Amit Verma (EE)
  • EVEN – Dr. David Ramirez (PhD), Dr. Kuo-Jen Liao (MS)/Dr. Lucy Camacho (MS)
  • MTEN – Dr. Farzin Heidari
  • MEIE – Dr. Hua Li and Dr. Hong Zhou
  • Associate Dean Nael Barakat (ex officio)

Research Council (one tenured and one tenure-track faculty from each department)

  • CHNG – Dr. Patrick Mills and Dr. Alberto Lopez Manriquez
  • CEAE – Dr. Mohammed Faruqi and Dr. Amir Hessami
  • EECS – Dr. Mais Nijim, Dr. Xuewei Zhang
  • EVEN – Dr. Lucy Camacho and Dr. Lee Clapp
  • MTEN – Dr. Patricia Polastri and Dr. Farzin Heidari
  • MEIE – Dr. Kai Jin and Dr. Dervis Demirocak
  • Associate Dean Nael Barakat (Chair)

Resources Management (one faculty member from each department)

  • CHNG – Dr. Matthew Alexander
  • CEAE – Mr. James Glusing    
  • EECS – Dr. David Hicks
  • EVEN – Dr. Kim Jones
  • MTEN – Dr. William Rosenkranz
  • MEIE – Dr. Xue Yang
  • Associate Dean Nael Barakat and Dr. Breanna Bailey (ex officio)

Promotion and Tenure (one tenured faculty member from each department with Environmental Engineering; Mechanical and Industrial Engineering; and Chemical and Natural Gas Engineering electing full professors)

  • CHNG – Dr. Ali Pilehvari (P), Chair
  • CEAE – Dr. Dazhi Sun (P)
  • EECS – Dr. Reza Nekovei (P)
  • EVEN – Dr. Jianhong Ren (P)
  • MTEN – Dr. Bruce Marsh (AP)
  • MEIE –  Dr. Yousri Elkassabgi (P)

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