Personnel Profile

Sangsoo Lee, Assistant Professor

Sangsoo Lee


• Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, August 2007

• Master in Mechanical Engineering, Sogang University, Korea, August 2001

• Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering, Sogang University, Korea, February 1999


Research Interests

  • Developing heat pumps and refrigeration system and refrigeration components

  • Conducting experimental and numerical works on two-phase heat transfers such as condensation, evaporation, and boiling

  • Designing heat exchanger design and performance evaluation

  • Applying micro/nano-scale surface treatments on heat transfer application

  • Managing thermal dissipations of electric devices, data center, fuel cell, and battery

  • Performing computer aided theoretical and numerical fluid/ heat transfer analysis


Recent Publications

  • Sangsoo Lee, Batikan Köroğlu, Chanwoo Park, “Experimental investigation of capillary-assisted solution wetting and heat transfer using a micro-scale, porous-layer coating on horizontal-tube, falling-film heat exchanger,” International Journal of Refrigeration, 35, 2012, p.1176-1187.

  • Sangsoo Lee, L. K. Bohra, S. Garimella, Ananda K. Nagavarapu, “Measurement of Absorption Rates in Horizontal-Tube Falling-Film Ammonia-Water Absorbers,” International Journal of Refrigeration, 35, 2012, p.613-632.

  • Sangsoo Lee, Chanwoo Park, “Experiment-based thermal model for permeable clothing systems under hot air jet impingement conditions,” International Journal of Thermal Sciences, 51, 2012, p.102-111.

  • Srinivas Garimella, Matthew D. Determan, J. Mark Meacham, Sangsoo Lee, Timothy C. Ernst, 2011, “Microchannel component technology for system-wide application in ammonia/water absorption heat pumps,” International Journal of Refrigeration, 34, 2011, p.1184-1196. 

  • Sangsoo Lee, Sunwoo Kim, Bong June Zhang, Hyung Kee Yoon, Kwang J. Kim, “Nano-fin like coating for dropwise condensation modeling perspectives”, 1st Asia-Pacific Forum on Renewable Energy, 16-19, November, 2011, Busan, Korea, 2011.

Contact Information

The Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
EC 307
MSC 191 Texas A&M University-Kingsville
Kingsville, Texas 78363-8202
voice: (361) 593-2093
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