Teaching Activities


  • Developed and/or taught 20+ undergraduate and graduate courses in electrical, computer and optical engineering
  • Supervised the research work of 15 post-doctoral students and 7 visiting research scholars
  • Supervised and/or supervising 50+ dissertation and theses
  • Served on the thesis and dissertation committees of many graduate students
  • Supervised 35+ undergraduate senior design projects, honors projects and research projects
  • Taught several short courses and tutorials at international conferences
  • ABET Program Evaluator, Engineering Accreditation Commission (EAC),  2009 - present


Digital logic/computer design, Microprocessor systems and interfacing, Computer architecture, Parallel processing, Electronics, Signal/Image processing, Biomedical imaging, Pattern recognition, Fiber-optic communication systems


  1. M. Moniruzzaman, Wavelet enhanced face descriptor for biometric recognition, Expected Graduation Date: May 2016
  2. D. Martin, Performance evaluation of optimal pattern recognition algorithms, 2015
  3. V. Biswas, “Efficient live face detection to counter spoof attack in face recognition systems, 2015
  4. P. Sidike, Hyperspectral imaging based detection and identification of surface and subsurface oil and oil derived substances in the ocean, 2013
  5. M. H. Habib, Efficient object detection and tracking via hyperspectral and THz imaging, 2013
  6. M. N. Chy, Efficient mine detection using fringe-adjusted joint transform correlation, 2013
  7. S. Patrabansh, Modeling and simulation of the transient response of direct methanol fuel cells, 2010
  8. M. M. Ali, A novel error control scheme for video streaming over time varying wireless channel, 2010
  9. H. K. Muhammad, Comparative performance analysis and unit sizing for WT-FC and PV-FC based hybrid systems for residential applications, 2008-2009
  10. V. Kalaga, Optimizing the design and performance of dipole antennas, 2008
  11. M. Islam, Human motion tracking using mean shift clustering and discrete cosine transform, 2007
  12. Z. Boz, Pattern recognition using PCA and SAM in noisy environment, 2007
  13. S. Mercan, Anomaly detection in hyperspectral imagery using stable distribution, 2007
  14. M. S. Aslan, Detection and tracking of targets in FLIR and hyperspectral imagery using TBF, DCCF, and K-means clustering algorithms, 2007
  15. C. Kanukuntla, Modeling of GaN-based hetero-epi wafer with reduced wafer bow, 2007
  16. M. Gorantla, Modeling of GaN-based light emitting diode for uniform current spreading, 2007
  17. M. Karakaya, Enhanced SEM algorithm for object detection in hyperspectral imagery, 2007
  18. G. Aydinli, Reliability modeling and analysis of low power portable direct methanol fuel cell, 2007
  19. M. Kisacikoglu, Fuzzy logic control of a FC/Ultracapacitor hybrid vehicular power system, 2007
  20. M. F. Islam, Automatic target detection in hyperspectral imagery using 1D MACH/EMACH filters, 2006
  21. S. Ochilov, 1D fringe-adjusted joint transform correlation and adaptive band selection in hyperspectral imagery, 2006
  22. M. Rahman, 3D model based recognition using multidimensional Hausdorff distance geometrical invariants, 2006
  23. A. Z. Sadeque, Target detection in FLIR imagery using independent component analysis, 2006
  24. N. Haq, CDMA based wireless location detection systems, 2006
  25. I. Saeed, Data acquisition and routing in wireless sensor network, 2006
  26. S. S. Shareef, Ultracapacitor assisted fuel cell power converter for automobiles, May 2005 - April 2006
  27. A. Z. Hossain, Cochannel interference in CDMA wireless communication systems with directional antennas, 2006
  28. K. Al-Saadi, Developing an economic operational strategy to improve fuel cell power plant competitiveness, 2005
  29. P. Panati, Performance evaluation of throughput in optical burst switching, 2005
  30. D. N. Singh, Detection of reappearing targets in forward looking infrared video sequences, Jan. 2005 - December 2005
  31. S. Dacharaju, Three-dimensional color pattern recognition using joint transform correlation, 2004
  32. S. M. Bhuiyan, Pattern recognition and tracking in forward looking infrared imagery using correlation filters, 2004
  33. P. Polu, Enhanced bandwidth utilization in optical CDMA-WDMA-DWDMA networks, 2004
  34. A. Sharma, Fusion of edge information in image segmentation, 2004
  35. N. Radhakrisna, Performance metrics for pattern recognition algorithms, 2004
  36. S. Ahmed, Performance evaluation of various ad-hoc wireless network protocols, 2004
  37. S. F. Goh, Three-dimensional pattern recognition using fringe-adjusted JTC, 2004
  38. J. F. Khan, Class-associate fringe-adjusted JTC based multiple target detection and tracking, 2004
  39. A. Baker, Photonic MEMS based reconfigurable switch for multicast communication systems, 2004
  40. T. Shuman, Enhanced class-associative pattern recognition, 2003
  41. M. Haque, Fringe-adjusted JTC based target tracking using subframes from a video sequence, Jan. 2002 – Aug. 2002
  42. A. F. Alsamman, Dissertation Title: Ultrafast invariant face recognition, 2001
  43. S. Xiuyu, Dissertation Title: Modeling and simulation of twin-depolarizer based interferometric fiber-optic gyroscope, January 2000 - August 2001
  44. I. Lugach, Dissertation Title: Enhanced three-dimensional visualization using computer aided tomography, January 2000 - May 2001
  45. M. A. Hannan, Smart serrodyne signal processor, September 2001 - May 2002
  46. C. N. Wai, Distortion-invariant color pattern recognition, December 2001
  47. M. M. Rahman, Class-associative pattern recognition, 2001
  48. G. Ali, Serrodyne signal processing for interferometric fiber-optic gyroscope, January 2001 - May 2001
  49. S. S. Ahsan, Research Topic: Three-dimensional pattern recognition, September 2000 - May 2001
  50. M. Aktharuzzaman, Ultrafast fingerprint identification, 2000
  51. X. Chen, Effective strategies for in-plane/out-of-plane rotation, scale, and shift invariant target recognition, University of Dayton, Date: January 1998 - May 1999 (research advisor), Dayton, Ohio
  52. B. Soon, Ultrafast feature extraction using optical correlation, University of Dayton, 1998 (research advisor)
  53. E. Kurtzweg, Multiple target detection using photorefractive correlator, 2000
  54. D. Chain, Ultrafast wavelet joint transform correlation, 1999
  55. C. Moran, Incoherent erasure multi-target photorefractive joint transform processor, 1999
  56. S. Mian, Real time all-optical joint transform correlation, 1997
  57. Y. Gu, Optical character recognition using joint transform correlator, 1995


  1. S. Vijayalakshmi, Ph.D. Dissertation: Brain MR Image segmentation based on Intelligent Hilbert Huang Transform, Anna University, Chennai, India, Expected Graduation Date: December 2016
  2. R. Nandakumar, Ph.D. Dissertation: Machine learning approach via classifiers for the diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases using ultrasound images of common carotid artery, Anna University, Chennai, India, Expected Graduation Date: 2016
  3. M. Datta, Ph.D. Dissertation: Some studies on face detection and recognition, University of Calcutta, Kolkata, India, 2015
  4. M. Aldossari, Ph.D. Dissertation: New optical method of simultaneous compression and encryption of images (still/video) for telecommunications, ISEN, Brest, France, 2014
  5. A. Amutha, Ph.D. Dissertation: CT Based Contour Segmentation and 3D Volume Reconstruction from 2D slices of tumor, Anna University, Chennai, India, 2014
  6. A. A. Alattab, Ph.D. Dissertation: Retrieval of human facial images based on the hybrid features of visual content and semantic description, University of Malaya, Kualalumpur, Malaysia, 2013
  7. P. Sashikala, “Stochastic model for ECG and its application in human identification,” VM University, India, 2013
  8. C. Shagar, Ph.D. Dissertation: Design and Analysis of CPW FED slot antennas for wideband applications, Anna University, Chennai, India, 2013
  9. Leonard, Ph.D. Dissertation Title: Reconnaissance des object manufactures dans des videos sous-marines, ISEN, Brest, France, 2012
  10. S. Kothainachiar, Ph.D. Dissertation: Study on unsupervised color texture image segmentation techniques using morphological watershed algorithm, Anna University, Chennai, India, 2011
  11. K. Ghosh, Ph.D. Dissertation: Studies on implementation of multi-valued logic through optoelectronic systems and its applications, Calcutta University, Calcutta, India, 2009
  12. W. A. B. Adnan, Ph.D. Dissertation: Design and analysis of digital image watermarking using wavelet transform, University of Malaysia, Kualalumpur, Malaysia, 2009
  13. T. S. Chin, Ph.D. Dissertation: WDM packet switched networks: routing and wavelength assignment aware ASE noise and FWM, Multimedia University, 2008
  14. H. Mellah, Ph.D. Dissertation: Design and performance analysis of a WDM packet switched network, Multimedia University, Malaysia, 2008
  15. Abid, Ph.D. Dissertation: Burst-switched IP over DWDM network design and analysis, Multimedia University, Malaysia, 2007
  16. E. Richard, Performance evaluation of satellite based quantum optical communication systems, Multimedia University, Malaysia, 2011
  17. S. E. Chiang, Performance analysis and design of an arrayed waveguide grating and wavelength conversion device in WDM optical networks, Multimedia University, 2007
  18. Katrina D. Dambul, Performance analysis and design of a WDM ring network, Multimedia University, Malaysia, 2006
  19. M. B. Othman, Effect of four wave mixing on the transmission performance of WDM networks, Multimedia University, Malaysia, 2001
  20. E. Kiang, Effect of four-wave mixing on the transmission performance of wavelength division multiplexing solitons, Multimedia University, Malaysia, 2001


  1. M. Ozkan, Thesis Title: Target Detection in Multispectral Images by Radial Basis Neural Network Filtering and Adaptive Band Selection, ECE Department, University of South Alabama, Expected graduation date: May 2007.
  2. H. Nalluri, Thesis Title: Polarization Based Spatial and Frequency Domain Techniques for Improved Target Detection, ECE Department, University of South Alabama, Expected graduation date: December 2007.
  3. D. Golla, Thesis Title: Improved Security Using Polarization-encoded Fingerprint Verification System, ECE Department, University of South Alabama, Expected graduation date: December 2007.
  4. A. Rajagopalan, Thesis Title: Application of Imaging Polarimetry for Discriminating Targets with Color Variations, ECE Department, University of South Alabama, Expected graduation date: December 2006.
  5. S. Sakla, Thesis Title: Improved fingerprint identification/verification system using robust digital enhancement techniques, ECE Department, University of South Alabama, Graduation date: December 2005.
  6. A. Surapaneni, Thesis Title: Polarization-enhanced Target Detection in the Presence of Background and Paint Variations, ECE Department, University of South Alabama, Graduation date: December 2005.
  7. A. S. Amanullah, Thesis Title: Non-coherent Coded Modulation for M-QAM Transceiver with Sinusoidal Baseband Signals, ECE Department, University of South Alabama, Graduation date: May 2005.
  8. S. P. Regula, Thesis Title: Polarization enhanced fingerprint verification system using fringe-adjusted joint transform correlator, ECE Department, University of South Alabama, Graduation date: December 2004.
  9. V. Pancholoy, Thesis Title: Study of Internal Architecture of a PIC Microcontroller and Performance Enhancement by Modifying the Memory Organization, ECE Department, University of South Alabama, Graduation date: December 2004.
  10. S. Ongwattanakul, Dissertation Title: Fractal Image Compression Algorithms, ECE Department, The University of Alabama, Expected graduation date: December 2006.
  11. N. R. Chinthapally, Thesis Title: Polarization Analysis of Coated and Uncoated Parallel Slab Multi-reflection Beam Splitters, ECE Department, University of South Alabama, graduation date: May 2003.
  12. S. J. G. Thadathil, Masters Thesis Title: Optimization Analysis of the Parallel Slab Division of Amplitude Photopolarimeter Performance, ECE Department, University of South Alabama, graduation date: May 2003.
  13. A. Mobin, Thesis Title: A Survey of Reliable Multicast Protocols with Performance Analysis of Multiple Channel Multicast Scheduling, Department of Computer Science, The University of Alabama, graduation date: December 2001.
  14. S. Sygnavong, Project Title: Load Flow Programming, ECE Department, The University of Alabama, graduation date: May 2000.
  15. D. Callahan, Dissertation Title: Development of an Intelligent Hub Protocol for Optical LANs, ECE Department, The University of Alabama, graduation date: May 2000.


  1. K. Ito, “Hyperspectral Image Processing,” January 2001 - July 2001. (Student came from Tokyo University, Japan to work on this research project)
  2. T. Shadid, “Digital Optoelectronic Computing,” December 2000 – May 2001.
  3. Ben Davis, “Simulator Design for Imminent Automobile Crash Prediction and Avoidance,” January 2000 - May 2000. (Student came from Queens University, Australia to work on this research project)


Capstone senior engineering design projects supervised at Purdue University - Fort Wayne, Indiana (performed during the last two semesters of the senior year):

  1. D. Snider, “Accelerometer Based Mouse Pointing Device,” Fall 1998 - Spring 1999.
  2. C. Dylan, “Fiber-optic Liquid Level Measurement Sensor,” Fall 1998 - Spring 1999.
  3. D. Dickmeyer, “Distance Measuring Device for Surveying Applications,” Spring 1998 - Fall 1998.
  4. G. Maxwell, “Microprocessor controlled auto-guidance control system for submarine application,” Spring 98 - Fall 98.
  5. K. Tran, “Collision Detector Device,” Fall 98 - Spring 99.
  6. D. Brant, Darren Brant, “Power Demand Controller,” Fall 98 - Spring 99.
  7. C. Moran, “CCD Autoguider for Meade Star Finder Equatorial Telescope,” Spring 98 - Spring 99.
  8. S. Swymeller, “Smoke Detector Sensitivity Tester,” Fall 98 - Spring 99.
  9. M. Saad, “Video Surveillance Using a Microprocessor,” Fall 96 - Spring 97.
  10. Q. M. Khaled, “Design of a Prototype Audio Translator,” Fall 96 - Spring 97.
  11. R. D. Harruf, “Programmable Temperature Controller,” Fall 96 - Spring 97.
  12. R. Miller, “Microcontroller based measurement of power, RMS voltage, and current,” Fall 96- Spring 97.
  13. A. Wako, “Direction and missing pulse detector for a motor drive,” Fall 96 - Spring 97.
  14. M. Wiedemier, “Wireless RF Printing Network,” Spring 96 - Fall 96.
  15. J. S. Kanning, “Design of an electronically smart house,” Spring 96 - Fall 96.
  16. A. Khan, “Digital Humidity Controller,” Fall 96- Fall 96.
  17. Z. Ahmed, “A Digital Anemometer,” Spring 96 - Fall 96.
  18. R. M. VandenBoom, “Electric Field Meter Lightning Detector,” Fall 96- Spring 96.
  19. N. M. Badal, “Digital Pressure Gauge,” Spring 96 - Fall 96.
  20. G. Funich, “Fiber-optic Receiver/Transmitter,” Spring 96 - Fall 96.
  21. S. K. Chowdhury, "Multimode Metronome,” Fall 1994 - Spring 1995.
  22. S. Reinheart, “Frequency independent digital phase measurement,” Fall 94 - Fall 95.
  23. B. Reece, “Digital Automobile Mileage Meter,” Fall 94 - Fall 95.
  24. S. Mohib, “Digital Altimeter,” Fall 94 - Fall 95.
  25. Y. Gu, “An algorithm of wavelet transform in data compression,” Fall 94 - Fall 95.
  26. A. Siddiqui, "Dynamic Noise Reduction in Audio Systems,” Fall 94 - Fall 95.
  27. M. Khan, “Digital Auto Gauge,” Spring 94 - Fall 94.
  28. Y. Ahuja, “Arbitration circuit for asynchronous multiple bus multiprocessor systems,” Spring 94- Fall 94.
  29. J. Miller, “Microcontroller Based Vehicle Battery Monitoring System,” Fall 93 - Spring 94.
  30. H. Kuffman, “EKG Heart Signal Monitor,” Fall 93 - Spring 94.
  31. R. Farooq, “Automobile Trip Computer,” Spring 93 - Spring 94.
  32. E. Auld, “Microcontroller Based Aquarium Control System,” Spring 93 - Spring 94.

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