• ARCHITECTURAL ENGINEERS* design the structural, mechanical and electrical engineering systems of buildings, as well as the construction and continued operation of large buildings.
  • CHEMICAL ENGINEERS* are responsible for the design of facilities that convert chemicals into useful products.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERS* design and build water and wastewater treatment systems, air pollution control systems and waste and watershed management programs.
  • INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT AND TECHNOLOGY* is a field of study that prepares you for careers within the areas of supervision and operations management, manufacturing and production.
  • NATURAL GAS ENGINEERS design and operate facilities that extract, move and process natural gas.
  • SUSTAINABLE ENERGY SYSTEMS ENGINEERS* integrate energy sources, storage and transmission facilities, as well as distribution networks, in increasingly complex ways.

*  Note: All Engineering programs are accredited by ABET. Natural Gas is pending accreditation by Spring 2017.

This page was last updated on: October 27, 2016