University Email

All official university student e-mails will be sent to your Texas A&M University-Kingsville e-mail ending in

Why should I activate my student e-mail when I have a personal e-mail already? 

All official university e-mails will be sent to your TAMUK e-mail address ending in E-mails regarding classes, grades, registration, status, financial aid, or other important university information will only be sent to your university e-mail address.

Can I access my TAMUK e-mail on my smartphone?

Yes, you can access your TAMUK e-mail on your mobile phone.  Whether sending or receiving e-mails on the go, you have complete access to your university e-mails anywhere - 24/7. To setup your TAMUK e-mail on your smartphone, please contact the iTech HELP desk.

What are the benefits of using my TAMUK e-mail when I already use a personal e-mail address?

-          With 50GB of email storage and 1TB of online file storage space, you can save hundreds of important emails

-          Remote access via web or your smartphone allows any on-the-go student to stay informed

-          No ads or spam means less frustration when combing through countless e-mails

-          Full privacy protection for your content – Your financial aid information, grades or emails from your professors cannot be accessed by anyone but yourself.

You also might be asking yourself, "I already have an e-mail, why do I need another?”

With a TAMUK e-mail, you are able to showcase your Javelina Pride to your recipients including potential employers.

First impressions count more often than most would lead us to believe. An e-mail address is often the first piece of communication a person receives from you. A student e-mail address automatically shows academic credibility. It shows who you are and what you do. As a student, you have worked hard for the opportunity to have a address - use it to your advantage. From a career standpoint – your future employer might be a Javelina, too. Take the opportunity to show you are a proud part of Javelina Nation.

Your TAMUK e-mail also comes with perks.  It pays to have Javelina Pride. 

REMINDER: E-mails regarding your courses, grades, registration, status, financial aid, or other important university information will be sent to your TAMUK e-mail.

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