ELTC Tutoring Program Information

Our program offers individualized English-language tutoring sessions to create a program of study suitable for the student's personal needs. Sessions are schedule according to the student and the tutor's availability.

General Tutoring Sessions

Introductory Assessment and Initial Interview

Required for all new students

Vocabulary Skills

  • Dictionary Usage / Definitions and Vocabulary Enhancement
  • Thesaurus Usage / Common Synonym and Antonym Family
  • Word Pronunciation Practice

Grammar Sense Development

  • Sentence Structure / Subject, Verb,  Object Orientation
  • Adjective and Adverb Usage
  • Preposition and Prepositional Phrase Usage
  • Main and Dependent Clauses

Conversation and Dialogue Skills

  • Parallel Structure
  • Common Greetings and Speaking Etiquette
  • Idiom Usage and common Slang Phrases
  • "Talk-to-Me" Picture Analysis and Dialogue
  • Skimming / Reviewing / Outlining / Drafting

Reading Comprehension and Idea Communication


Specialized Tutoring Sessions

English Composition and Writing Skills

  • Paragraph Structure and Development
  • Creating Theme Sentences and Supporting Details
  • Basic Essay Writing

Oral Communication Development

  • Presentation of Written Ideas
  • Effective Speech / Diction and Enunciation


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