Online ESL Program

The English as a Second Language (ESL) Online Program is designed for individuals who would like to attain a certain level of ESL proficiency in listening, speaking, note taking, reading, vocabulary, grammar and writing.

Program Description:

Program Description:The program features strong technical content and activities in order to prepare participants for their particular educational and career goals in learning English. For the Advanced Level participants, specialized tracks are available.

Subject Areas:

Listening, Speaking and Note Taking:
Telephone English; Presentations; Description and Explanation of industry processes; Discussions and negotiation; Pronunciation; Sentence stress; Listening for meaning; Listening for main ideas; Listening for key information; Note taking

Reading and Vocabulary:
Reading for meaning; Reading for main ideas; Reading for specific information/technical documentation; Reading and analyzing graphs and charts; content analysis; vocabulary for industry and other areas

Academic Writing:
Letter/Email message writing (Informational letters, requests, career/employment letters; general business correspondence and communication, etc.); Completing forms; Reports; Proposal writing; Descriptive writing; Informative, Explanatory and Expository writing; Compare and contrast writing; Causes and Effects writing; Persuasive writing

Parts of speech; Sentences (elements, varieties, moods, tenses); Modifying and connecting words; Direct and indirect speech; Punctuating sentences and capitalization; Noun clauses, adverbial clauses, relative clauses and participial clauses

Program Levels:

♦ Intermediate Level: 5 Month program
  Low - 10 Week Program 4 subject modules
  High - 10 Week Program 4 subject modules

♦ Advanced Level: 5 Month Program
  Low - 10 Week Program 4 subject modules
  High - 10 Week Program 4 subject modules

Each participant will take a pre-assessment test to determine their program level. Each sub-level (high or low) will consist of the 4 foundation modules. After completing each sub-level, the participant can register for the next program sublevel. After completing each level, the participant can register for the next Program level.

Advanced Level - Academic Track Option:

Participants wanting to complete the Advanced Level-Academic Track must attend the 16 week ESL Program at Texas A&M University-Kingsville (TAMUK) campus through the English Language Training Center (ELTC). Once successfully completed, participants will earn a Certificate of Graduation. TAMUK ELTC completion of advanced level program with a minimum average of 90% is considered equivalent to the TOEFL scores of 79 (iBT)/550 (PBT) and it can be used with admission process with Texas A&M University-Kingsville.

Modes of Instruction:

• Virtual office hours
• Video lectures and slides;
• Instructor mentoring
• Homework Help Access
• Electronic and Physical Textbooks/Materials
• Daily correspondence with Instructor


- 10 Week Program: $ 800.00 (USD)
- 20 Week Program: $1,500.00 (USD)
• Registration fees
• Placement testing & fees
• Program Materials
• Certificates
• Recommendations of TOEFL Waiver for graduating advanced for Academic Track option at TAMUK campus

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