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ELTC Curriculum

Our curriculum features strong academic content and activities in order to prepare prospective students for university programs and to promote their general professional English skills. The areas of conversation, vocabulary, pronunciation, academic listening, note taking, grammar, speech presentation, academic reading, essay writing, and research writing are covered in classroom instruction. The language laboratory programs re-enforce reading comprehension, vocabulary, listening, pronunciation, and conversational skills.

ELTC Language Training Only

Once a student has been admitted to the English Language Training Center (ELTC), he/she must be placed into a level of instruction based upon his/her abilities. The placement process consists of three parts, to be weighed by a committee of faculty and administrators. It shall consist of:

1. A composite score from an online placement test

2. A survey to be completed prior to the student's arrival at the ELTC

3. A committee interview

4. A 60-minute writing test based upon the findings of the committee, the student shall be notified of his/her level placement, and shall receive language instructions commensurate with the identified Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) for said level. Advancement from one level to another occurs when a student receives a grade of "B" or better in all areas of the program's curriculum. Enrollment in the next level of study will commence at the beginning of the next program date.

5. Students who wish to be admitted to Texas A&M University - Kingsville must complete the program with an overall average of 85 or better. Those who wish to be admitted to The College of Arts and Sciences or Dotterweich Engineering must complete the program with an overall average of 90 or better. For a complete list of admission requirements please visit the webpage of The Office of Admissions. Students who wish to be recommended for admission to the College of Graduate Studies must complete the advanced level of instruction with an overall average of 95 or better.

In the event that a student wishes to change instructors or classes, such requests shall be entertained by ELTC faculty and administration, but shall not occur until the semester midterm, usually the eight (8) week point.

For students who have been determined to be at the zero (0) level, meaning no proficiency in the English language, a specialized curriculum will be recommended. The specialized curriculum shall consist of instruction with a qualified teacher. For those students who wish to have additional academic enrichment, the Center can offer the rates of a professional tutor, at a rate of $24 per hour.  Payment for the services of a private tutor shall be billed to the student independent of the tuition and fees assessed at the beginning of the Program.

As the ELTC at Texas A&M University - Kingsville is fully compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), students who may require special accommodations shall be referred to the University's Health and Wellness Center for further diagnostic testing. In the event that the staff of the Health and Wellness Center determine that a student has special needs, every effort will be made to accommodate that student, up to and including counseling, extended testing times, etc. However, no such arrangements can be made independent of a recommendation by the H &WC staff; or a third-party qualified, professional.

After the Program

Because of ELTC’s commitment to helping ESL students achieve their educational and professional goals, students who complete the advanced level of instruction with an overall average of 85* or above (undergraduates), or a 95 or above (graduates),   and wish to apply for admission to Texas A&M University-Kingsville, are eligible to receive letters of recommendation. Letters of recommendation for eligible students shall be issued by the Center’s Director, Marilu Salazar, and will only be issued once the program has ended, and grades have been submitted to the Academic Coordinator by ELTC instructors. No letters of recommendation shall be issued before the end of the program under any circumstances.

Students who wish to be admitted to the University and apply for additional funding in the form of scholarships should be aware that the program end dates and scholarship deadlines may not coincide; therefore, if a student needs additional funding , he or she should plan for such an occurrence.

*Students who wish to be admitted to Texas A&M University-Kingsville through their attendance of ELTC will need to earn an overall average of 85 for most programs in the undergraduate catalogue; a 95 average or above will be required of students applying for admission to the College of Graduate Studies. Those who wish to be admitted to the College of Arts and Sciences or Dotterweich Engineering, are required to have an overall average of 90 or better. For a more complete description of TAMUK admission policies for international students, please visit the website for the Office of Admissions at http://www.tamuk.edu/admission

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