Research Areas

Research Thrust Areas

Oil/Gas Exploration and Production Enhancement (OGEPE)

-Improved experimental devices and simulation methods for well production

Condensate Refining Process Improvement (CRPI)

-Innovative technologies and improved refining process optimization

Environmental Technology and Impacts Analysis (ETIA)

-Environmental quality (air, water, and soil assessment, monitoring technology development pollution control and treatment technologies, and loaned restoration.

Sustainable Transportation Control and Development (STCD)

-Transportation planning, intelligent traffic control systems and new technologies for road condition assessment.

Sustainable Community Development and Planning (SCDP)

-Community planning, facilities requirement and social-economic impacts.

Public Health Monitoring and Assessment (PHMA)

-New data for assessing potential health issues and for assisting with the determination of appropriate corrective actions.

Research Initiatives

Pipeline Monitoring and Safety Program Innovative technology applications for monitoring pipeline conditions and gas leaks.

Road Study Program Road condition monitoring using aerial imaging and sensing technologies; and low cost materials for county road constructions.

Water Technology Partnerships Desalination and selective ion removal; on-site treatment and recycle of produced/flow back water; water alternatives; and produced water/brine disposal.

Condensate Refining process Improvement Condensate characterization and process control parameters optimization and simulation.

Sustainable Community Development Engineering consideration and sustainability issues in Eagle Ford Community Planning and Development.

Regional Air Quality Study Program Air quality monitoring and assessment using satellite data, sensor technologies , state-of-the art instrumentation and modeling.

Oil Field Waste Management Program Oil-field waste monitoring and assessment , contamination inventory development, GIS-based creation, and recommendations on management strategies.

Social and Economic Impact Study Program Analyzing social and economic impacts on local communities caused by Eagle Ford Shale Development such as general social-economical impact, home life impact, educational potential and needs, and health disparity.

Reservoir Development, Hydraulic Fracturing, and Flow Assurance Program Focus on innovative fracturing fluids and optimization treatment to ensure conductive fracture geometry and well productivity. This technology will enhance safety and environmental protection in the development of domestic natural gas and other petroleum resources while improving ultimate recourse recovery.

Industry/University Cooperative Research Program:


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