Provisional and Temporary Services

A. In addition to services provided to students with permanently disabling conditions, the Disability Resource Center (DRC) also provides services on a temporary basis. Documentation is needed to provide these services. It is to the student’s advantage to provide the documentation at the initial visit.

  1. Temporary Services: If the student does not have current documentation at the time the registration form is submitted to DRC, temporary services may be provided if the student can provide documentation that he/she has been in special education at the K-12 level or has received accommodation services at another post secondary institution. If the DRC office determines through an initial intake screening that there is strong evidence of a disability, temporary services will be provided for a period of one semester while the assessment and documentation is in process. Records are reviewed at the beginning of each semester and services are discontinued if documentation is still incomplete or does not meet eligibility requirements for the university.

  2. Temporary Medical Condition: Some medical conditions are temporarily disabling and a student may desire accommodations for a limited amount of time. These conditions may include surgery, accidents, severe illness or any other medical condition that temporarily impairs regular attendance or academic performance. The university is not required by state or federal disabilities laws to provide accommodations for temporary disabilities, but does so out of humane concern. Documentation will be required and, if possible DRC will provide appropriate accommodations under the condition that by doing so the university does not undertake excessive financial responsibility. Students who need accessible parking can utilize there state issued placard/plate from there county or residence which can be used at the school and in the community. In addition, all students are required to purchase a university parking decal and follow policies and procedures.

This page was last updated on: September 28, 2015