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What TAMUK Faculty Should Know about Students with Disabilities

1. The DRC website ( is the best starting point for information on students with disabilities.

2. Visit the Faculty Room:
The Faculty Room is a space for faculty and administrators at postsecondary institutions to learn about how to create classroom environments and academic activities that maximize the learning of all students, including those with disabilities.

3. Receiving services from the DRC: students submit medical or other appropriate documentation. DRC staff determines if the documented impairment rises to the level of disability and if so, students are approval for academic accommodations and should present you with a copy of their accommodation letter.

4. Accommodating students is a shared responsibility between the student, faculty and the DRC. The DRC endorses specific accommodations based upon the documentation submitted by the student on a case by case basis, the student’s prior record of accommodations; the student’s expressed needs and the professional judgment of the DRC staff.

5. Most common accommodations: typically extended time, separate room, tape recorder, note taking, interpreter, service animals, and print alternatives, such as large print or electronic text. 

6. On-line/Distance Learning Courses: Reasonable accommodations are available for students who have a documented disability. Faculty should include a statement regarding disability services in their online syllabus statement. If students disclose that they may have a disability then refer them to the DRC. Please encourage students to notify the instructor during the first week of class of any accommodations. Since there is no standard accommodation for on-line courses, each student’s disability will be reviewed on a case by case basis regarding the type of accommodations needed for the course. Accommodations are not retroactive and all accommodations must be approved through the DRC office. Please view on YouTube “Real Connections: Making Distance Learning Accessible to Everyone”

7. Exam Proctoring Service: DRC students will provide the faculty with an Exam Proctoring Agreement From to be completed by the faculty regarding how he/she would like to structure the testing arrangements for the student. Once the agreement form is completed the student will return the form back to the DRC office so the guidelines are on file prior to the first exam.

8. Maintain confidentiality. In today’s society having a disability is sometimes still seen as a stigma. In respect to an individual’s right to privacy, please be aware of the sensitive nature of what it means to be a person with a disability. Please remember that the identity of the student must remain confidential. 

This page was last updated on: September 28, 2015