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Student Service Fee Advisory Board

About the Board

The Student Service Fee Advisory Board (SSFAB) is made up of five students and four staff and faculty representatives. The Board meets several times during the beginning half of the Spring semester.

In the spring, Board members receive a comprehensive orientation designed to familiarize them with SSFAB operating procedures and budget procedures. Departments that receive Student Service Fee monies and are level funded are required to submit paperwork to the Board each year.  Departments that are requesting an increase in funding or have a new request will have a 30 minute session with the Board.  The session will include a 10-15 minute presentation from the department requesting funding and a 10-15 minute question and answer session with the Board.  This will give the members a clear understanding of what the department does and its goals for the coming fiscal year.

The Board forwards their allocation recommendations, to the Senior Vice President for Fiscal and Student Affairs. The Board is also responsible for reviewing requests to increase the Student Service Fee, Student Health Center Fee, Recreational Sports Fee and University Center Fee as well as providing recommendations to the Senior Vice President for Fiscal and Student Affairs.

The Board plays a very important role, making recommendations on behalf of all students at Texas A&M-Kingsville. Their recommendations directly affect campus life and the futures of many departments and programs.

Information on 2016 Student Service Fee

The FY 2016 Student Service Fee funds’ application process has some minor changes in comparison to the previous year.  With that being said, there is now a mandatory session that requires a department representative to be in attendance. Please choose from one of the following:

December 16th 3:00 pm MSUB 219A

January 13th 3:00 pm MSUB 219A

January 22nd 3:00 pm MSUB 219A

All groups requesting funding must complete “Form A – Budget Request FY 2016”, even if requesting only level funding.  If asking for an increase or are a new request, you must also complete “Form B” for each particular item (i.e. funding for additional student wages or funds for activities). 

Deadline to submit Student Service Fee Request(s) FY 16:

Thursday, January 29, 2015 to Erin McClure at erin.mcclure@tamuk.edu

Hearings for New Request & Budget Request Increases in FY 16

Monday, February 10-February 17

Download forms at:

Form A-Budget Request FY 2016

Form B-Budget Request Increase FY 2016


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