Marc Cisneros Center for Young Children Complaints and Concerns

Complaints and concerns may be directed to the director. It is usually possible to discuss any concerns with the director on a spontaneous or informal basis because of the availability of the director. If the director is unavailable, the lead teacher may be spoken to about the concern or meeting between the director and/or lead teacher, and the parents can be arranged. If a complaint pertains to the director a meeting can be arranged between the chair of the human sciences department and the parents. If the parents feel a need for a more formal format, contact with the director must be made to arrange a conference period.

It should be stressed that the Marc Cisneros Center for Young Children (MCCYC) operates under an "open door" policy. Parents are welcomed any time. Concerns or complaints should be brought to the directors attention immediately. A situation cannot be dealt with if people are unaware that it exists. Also, suggestions are very helpful; at times people closest to a situation do not see the "big" picture.

Medical Concerns

A medical statement, immunization record, and an emergency care statement must be on file at the MCCYC. When a child becomes ill at school, parents will be notified, and the child will be isolated from the group. Parents must pick up a sick child immediately. The MCCYC does not have a nurse or a sick room and cannot keep an ill child. In case of accident, parents or other designated persons will be notified. If such persons are unavailable to care for the child, the child will be taken to the doctor or hospital specified by the parent on the medical care form.

Medicine administered at school must be in the original container with the child's name, doctor's name, date of prescription, and dosage direction on the outside of the container. A medication spoon must be provided by the parents. Parents must sign a medicine permit for each medication given. A new form must be signed each week. No medicine, including aspirin or acetaminophen, will be given without written permission from parents. First aid medication will be used as needed.

Contagious Diseases

In order to protect all children, parents are asked to notify the MCCYC if their child has been exposed to any contagious disease. Parents will be notified of any contagious disease to which a child has been exposed. Parents may be required to obtain a physician's statement certifying that their child is well before the child returns to school following absence due to a contagious disease. Children who have a fever should be cared for at home and should be free of fever for 24 hours before returning to school.

Screening for Vision and Hearing

Vision and hearing screening will be done for four- and five- year-olds, as required by state law. Parents will be notified when the screening will occur.

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