Marc Cisneros Center for Young Children

The Marc Cisneros Center for Young Children (MCCYC) is the laboratory in which students observe and gain practical experience in working with young children and their parents. Several programs in the Department of Human Sciences require observation and/or participation at the center. Students from other disciplines (such as early childhood education, psychology, speech communications, and kinesiology) are also provided opportunities to observe and interact with young children.

The center was established in 1941 and is housed on the corner of University Boulevard and Santa Gertrudis Avenue. It meets the needs of 54 children aged three months through five years. Two fenced playgrounds provide a large assortment of play structures and equipment, shade and sun areas, and open play space. Learning centers are provided in each room to stimulate and encourage exploration and discovery. The philosophy that young children learn through creative play is evident in planned activities that enhance the children's emotional, social, physical, and cognitive development.

A highly qualified staff works with the children. The center's close proximity to campus and its high quality program make it especially attractive to university students with children. Parents are encouraged to register their children early since a waiting list quickly forms as the fall semester nears. Parents are welcome to visit at any time.

CYC Highlights

teachers of the year

Guppy Teacher of the Year: Veronica Ortiz, Spring 2016

Shark Teacher of the Year: Ashley Alfaro, Spring 2016

Dolphin Teacher of the Year: Kimberly Marina Garcia, Spring 2016

Whale Teacher of the Year: Jessica Montenegro. Spring 2016

full time teacher and student teacher of the year

Full-time Staff Teacher of the year: Rocio Polendo, Spring 2016

Student Staff Teacher of the year: Kimberly Marina Garcia, Spring 2016

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