Wednesday Noon Seminar Series

Wednesday Noon Seminars Fall 2017
20-Minute Mentor Series
Location: Library 212




August 30 How do I release my students' natural zest and curiosity for better learning? Jeff Glick, Dept. of History, Political Science & Philosophy, College of Arts and Sciences
September 6 What are the secrets to providing highly effective feedback to students? Aniruddha Mukhopadhyay, Dept. of Language & Literature, College of Arts & Sciences
September 13 How can I facilitate academic language learning in my discipline among multlingual university students?* Ari Sherris, Dept. of Teacher & Bilingual Education, College of Education & Human Performance
September 20 How can I incorporate a service component in my class?* Christine Resier Robbins, Dept. of Psychology and Sociology, College of Arts and Sciences
September 27 How can I implement Universal Design for Learning (UDL) in the next 20 minutes? Patti Huskin, Dept. of Teacher & Bilingual Education, College of Education and Human Performance
October 4 How do I create a lively, yet functional, online classroom? Fe He, Dept. of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, College of Engineering
October 11 How should I manage conflict with my department? Richard Miller, Dept. of Psychology & Sociology, College of Arts & Sciences
October 18 What do my freshman/sophomore students expect from me? Christina Gonzalez, Director Academic Success, Center for Student Success
October 25 What are the secrets to making highly effective educational videos? Cyntha Farias & Oscar Villarreal, Distance Learning & Instructional Technology
November 1 How do I align learning objectives with technology using backward design? Timothy Oblad, Dept. of Human Sciences, College of Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Human Sciences
November 8 What are some barriers to incorporating research in my undergraduate class and how can I overcome them?* Harmeet Singh, Dept. of Accounting, Finance and Economics, College of Business Administration
November 15 How can I make my exams more accessible? 

Monica Ratcliff, Dept. of Teacher & Bilingual Education, College of Education & Human Performance

Rolando Garza, Distance Learning & Instructional Technology

*These sessions do not have a 20-minute webinars; they will be presentations by the faculty members named

The CTE will provide a light lunch (on a first come-first served basis), thanks to the generous support of the Colleges of Agriculture, Natural Resources, & Human Sciences; Arts & Sciences; Business Administration; and Education & Human Performance. For more information about the sessions, please contact Lisa McNair at or Brenda Melendy at

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