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Course Description

Period 1:

Writing 101: Writing Improvement – Participants wanting to advance their writing abilities will learn new and creative techniques through brainstorming, drafting, revising and editing while composing narratives, expository, and creative works.

Writing 201: Writing Improvement – Want to advance your writing techniques? Participants will compose short works of various composition styles while learning new and creative traits to help organize the writing process, apply composition techniques and improving their analyzing skills.

Period 2:

Math 101: Math Improvement  Participants registered for this course will be able to review the foundation of basic arithmetic such as: whole numbers, rounding and estimating, fractions, decimals and basic math word problems to name a few.  From these basics, they will be introduced to Geometry concepts: basic geometry, perimeter, areas of shapes; Graphing: types of graph, graphing, and slopes; and preview of Algebra: Exponents, rational numbers, and Introduction to Algebra.

Math 201: Exploring Algebra  This course familiarizes participants with the language and application of basic Algebra principles in a fun and interactive way. Building on their previous math knowledge, participants will become familiar with a variety of concepts such as:  the development of the real number system, variables, mathematical expressions, linear equations, problem solving, inequalities, polynomials, special products and factoring, graphs, relations and functions, quadratic equations, rational and radical expressions and basic statistics and probability. This will provide them with a refresher of what they know, or provide them with a jump start to the upcoming school year.

Language 400: Intro to Spanish By learning Spanish you learn a new way to communicate! This introduction course will show the participants the basics and fundamentals of how to learn Spanish, allowing the participants to pick up the language in a fun filled way.

Period 3:

Reading 101: Reading Improvement  Students that participate in this course will advance their reading skills by identifying clearly the critical parts in a literary work. They will practice how to find the purpose, main ideas, and conflict by looking for them in short stories, dramas, letters, and advertisements.

Reading 201: Reading Improvement – Learn how to polish up your reading skills by participating in this course. You will experience learned topics in reading and the importance of basic comprehension skills to help develop more advanced reading and interpretation skills.

Writing 400: Creative Writing- Learn how to write like you have never written before! In this course you will be able to put your creativity to use. Throughout the week you will be able to write through different themes such as the past/present/future, fantasies, and have your own thought journal.

Period 4:

Kinesiology 400: TAMUK Scavenger Hunt – Explore Texas A&M University Kingsville like few ever will! Learn interesting facts about several buildings on campus and the people who made this wonderful university possible. Get to know the different areas of study that are available to all the students who attend TAMUK.

History 400: Investigating World Mysteries Travel the world this summer without leaving the comforts of Kingsville! Participants will put on their detective hats while exploring unsolved mysteries from around the world while using their investigative skills to draw conclusions. They will learn about the cultures, politics and written Content.

Kinesiology 402: Beginners Yoga – Get to learn the basics and fundamentals of yoga. This course will allow the students to learn the most basic poses step-by-step to help you ease into the art of yoga. 

Period 5:

Science 201: Science Exploration – Learn even more about biology, chemistry, and physics through demonstrations, activities, and games. The course will consist of topics such as the human body in biology, light and harmonic motion in physics, and chemical reactions in chemistry.

Information Systems 400: Intro to Computer Applications – Get to know the basics of the all-around programs of all computer applications such as: Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. So let’s grab a computer and let’s get started!

Period 6:

Finance 402: Dollars & Sense – Do you really want it or do you really need it! By the end of this course you will have a better understanding of how to save and use your money wisely by engaging in fun activities. 

Arts 400: Creative Crafting- Alright students it’s time to get CRAFTY! In this course you will get to interact with one another and participate in summer crafts that involve you to paint, draw, and do some environmental art.

Study Hall 400: Academic Tips & Tricks- Take the time to get neat and nifty with your very own homework. In this course, the students will learn many tips and tricks on how to conquer your own homework by learning how to become organized, overcoming learning strategies and etc. 

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