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Business & Professional Development Institute

Start a new career

Expand your employment skills

Gain training with leading professionals in the field

Grow your current career to the next level

Who can Enroll

The Professional Development programs are geared towards members of the community that are looking to start a new career or expand their current one within the medical or business profession. Participants will recieve detailed training by an instructor with direct experience in that field. 

Courses and Flexible Study

Courses with the Center for Continuing Education are taught in the evenings, once or twice a week, depending upon the program schedule. All of our Professional Development courses are designed for the short term with Administrative/Business training programs covering 8 weeks and the Medical programs lasting upto 3 months. The program is designed to let you learn at a comfortable pace. Classes are designed to facilitate the individual needs of both novices and those currently working in that professional field that are looking to further their skills set.

Earning the Certificate

  • Medical Technician Training Programs

 Participants must complete and pass the state board certification exams to be able to attain the proper certification for the program. Once an individual completes the certification process, the state licensing board will be responsible for awarding the certificates to the individuals who have met all qualifications. Under this category are the following programs: Dental Assisting Professional; EKG Technician; Medical Billing and Coding Professional; and Pharmacy Technician.  

  • Administrative/Business Training Programs

Participants in the Bookkeeping Certification course must complete and pass the bookkeepers certification test with the National Bookkeepers Organization.  Once an individual complete the certification process, the National Bookkeepers Organization will be responsible in issuing the certificates for the individuals that have met all qualifications. Participants in the Administrative Assistant and Bank Teller Training course will be eligible to attain a CEU for their successful completion of the course.

How the classes are setup

 Students will attend classes at Texas A&M University-Kingsville campus in Cousins Hall and study the materials they will need on a weekly basis. The Center for Continuing Education does not have any particular order for how students take courses. Participants are able to register for internships related to that course for a separate price.  

 Registration Process

Registration is available through Center for Continuing Educations main office at 925 Santa Gertrudis, Cousins Hall RM 113A at Texas A&M University-Kingsville. Registration can be completed by walk-in, mail-in, fax, email and online via Marketplace. Visit the Registration Process page for more information.   


Office Training

Medical Courses

Language Training

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