Personal Enhancement Workshops


Think outside of the box, and get creative with our Do It Yourself Workshops! In each workshop, you will have to think creatively on how to make two (2) items with guided assistance from individuals who have successfully completed them before. 

Schedule & Pricing

New Workshops TBA


Do I need to bring anything?
For some of the workshops, you may want to bring your own supplies to make your DIY craft more sentimental. We will provide a list  of items in advance you may or may not wish to bring. Please note that it is not required to bring your own supplies.

Will there ever be more than two (2) items being made at any particular workshop?
Our Creative Specialists have devised several other DIY activities in the case that there is still ample amount of time after the two (2) items are completed.

If I cannot make it to the workshop that I really want, will it be available on another day?
In the event that we have multiple requests for a workshop to be done again, we will take down the interested party's information and contact you to let you know what day it will take place.

Cocoa & Canvas

Enjoy a hot cup of cocoa while painting a Christmas themed work of art! 

Cocoa & Canvas

Schedule & Pricing

11/28/17 OR 11/29/17

Day(s): Tuesday OR Wednesday

Ages: 12+

Price: $25 per participant

*Non-refundable Registration Fee already added to the price.


Do I need to bring anything?
We provide everything that you might need for painting, but feel free to bring your own paint brushes or smock if you wish to.

How many paintings will be completed?
There will only be one painting completed within the span of the two (2) hours.

What is the difference between going to the workshop on Tuesday versus the one on Wednesday?
There is no difference in the material or the canvas painting. The only difference will be the instructor.

What should I wear?
We advise participants to wear clothing that they would not mind getting paint on, or bringing your own smock to put over your clothing.


**All programs have a $15.00 non-refundable registration fee added to the total program costs during payment checkout. 

***Please be aware that there is a minimum requirement of 5 participants for each workshop to make.

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