General Office Training Program

The General Office Training Program (GOTP) is a series of modules that are designed to help refresh as well as introduce knowledge of trainings that are often received by trainees in any typical office setting. CNED's goal in offering this program is to help individuals with little-to-no work experience or those that simply need a refresher to learn or go over the key components to a safe, happy, and competent workplace. These online modules are designed with the everyday person in mind and our simple, easy-to-navigate server will allow you to learn at your own pace. 


Program Modules & Descriptions

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We are currently offering six online modules at this time.

 Module 1: Office Management, Customer Service, and Roles & Responsibilities
Learn about the different roles and responsibilities found in office settings and the changes in office management.  Gain an understanding of the importance of customer service, both internal and external, and how to better their people skills for customer interaction.

Module 2: Time Management, Organization, and Communication
Learn how to efficiently communicate in the office by comprehending the communication process, skills, and components and gain an understanding of time management in order to increase productivity and efficiency at work.

Module 3: Work Ethics and Business Etiquette
Gain a deeper understanding of professional behavior by learning proper business etiquette and attire in order to demonstrate office proficiency.

Module 4: Technology, Information, and Training
Learn the different types of technological equipment and tools that can be utilized on a day-to-day basis at their current workplace, and the information that can be created, managed, and stored using technology. Understand the importance of training and re-training both current and new employees to better equip you with the required skills for your designated positions.

Module 5: Good Employee Practices
Learn about the various health-related issues that occur in an office space and their common causes. Gain an understanding about workplace issues in productivity and/or result in a safety hazard.

Module 6: Leadership, Motivation, Problem Solving, and Initiative
Learn what is required to be a better leader, the steps of problem solving, and how to utilize those skills in the office setting, how to take initiative within your day and how to become and stay motivated.

Scheduling & Pricing

Modules can be taken individually or several at a time. From the order date, you have a total of four weeks to complete the module(s). 

Each module is $10.00


Purchase six modules for $50.00

**A $15.00 non-refundable registration fee is added per program to the total costs during payment checkout. 

Registration & Payment

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This page was last updated on: July 31, 2017