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Contemporary Salesmanship: Relationship Building

Contemporary Salesmanship Program - 28 Classroom Hours; Tuition $175

Detailed Course Description

  • Understand the personal characteristics and selling skills attributes that contribute to the development of effective selling presentations.
  • Understand prospect motivation and be able to select proper techniques to stimulate the purchase behavior.
  • Be able to plan sales presentations covering all of the necessary steps of the prospect’s decision-process.
  • Be able to deliver professionally prepared sales presentations.
  • Be able to execute appropriate techniques to overcome buyer objections.
  • Make effective sales closings.
  • Understand basic sales management theory, practices and techniques, including planning, recruiting, training, motivation methods and compensation programs.
  • Develop an appreciation of the professional sales career.
  • Understand the role of the selling task in the modern corporation and its interaction with the firm’s marketing.
  • Understand the importance of sales management in helping the firm achieve it goals.

Begins Spring 2015

28 Classroom Hours/ Tuition $175

This course will provide an overview of professional selling and sales management with an emphasis on relationship selling in B2B environments. Specific areas covered include buyer/seller interaction, careers in selling, the process of delivering a sales presentation and other topics. The student will also gain an appreciation of the significance of sales activities within the marketing function and its overall role in meeting the goals of the firm.

Required Text and Additional Materials

Building Relationships, Creating Values - 4th edition

By Mark W. Johnston, Greg W. Marshall

Published 03/20/2013 by Routledge

Note: Bring your textbook to class with you. Additional materials will be distributed in class or made electronically available.

Course Contact Hours: 28 Hours

Student Tuition: $175

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