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Academic Prep Program

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The Center for Continuing Education brings college preparatory curricula to increase high school, middle school, and elementary schools' student success with post secondary education. Each program is geared towards a specific age group and interest. All programs include:

  • Increase potential in excelling in state mandatory and college entry tests

  • Develop strategies for test taking and overcome anxiety

  • Gain confidence in a new academic year

Who can Enroll

Each program under the Academic Preparation category is geared towards specific age groups or grades of student currently enrolled in the Independent School Districts.

How the classes are setup

Participants will attend classes at Texas A&M University-Kingsville campus in Cousins Hall and study the materials they will need on a weekly basis. The Center for Continuing Education does not have any particular order for how students take courses.

Registration Process

Registration is available through The Center for Continuing Education’s main office at 925 Santa Gertrudis, Cousins Hall RM 108 at Texas A&M University-Kingsville. Registration can be completed by walk-in, mail-in, fax, email and online via Marketplace.


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