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SUB Feasibility Study

Often hailed as the "living room of campus", the Memorial Student Union Building is the hub of campus engagement and activities. Containing areas such as dining services, campus bookstore, a game room, student lounges, student activities, meeting rooms/ball rooms, and administrative offices, this building is essential to student life on

Originally built in 1948 and opened in 1950, the Memorial Student Union has been renovated and additional spaces have been added to create the current facility. After years of normal wear and tear, the facility is beginning to show its age, and students agree that a
renovation or brand new building may be needed in order to enhance student engagement in co-curricular and extracurricular programs. To that end, the student body elected in February 2009 to increase the Student Union fee from $40 a semester to $80 a semester to fund the project.

The Texas A&M University System and Texas A&M University-Kingsville have entered into a partnership with Pfeiffer Partners Architects, Inc., an architectural firm from Los Angeles, California that specializes in student union buildings, to explore the feasibility of remodeling, renovating, or demolishing and rebuilding the Memorial Student Union Building.

With a great deal of input and support from students, faculty, and staff, the university administration will be making choices about the future of the facility during the 2009 year.