Compact with Texans

Introduction and Definition of Compact

Texas A&M University-Kingsville (A&M-Kingsville), a member of  the Texas A&M System, enters into this "Compact with Texas"  - an agreement to provide services following a set of guiding principles.  This compact also sets forth the rights of customers and defines the standards  our customers should expect.

Name and Contact Information of Customer Service  Representative
Terisa C. Riley, Ph.D.
Senior Vice President for Student Affairs, Enrollment Management, and University Administration
Texas A&M University-Kingsville
700 University Blvd.
MSC 144
Kingsville, Texas  78363
361-593-3612 (office)
361-593-3218 (fax)

Agency Services Offered

Texas A&M University-Kingsville is a comprehensive regional university  providing quality programs for South Texas with courses of study leading  to bachelor, masters, and doctoral degrees, as well as certification in  selected fields, such as teacher certification, communications disorders,  and social work. Services provided for students include housing, health  care and counseling, admissions, financial aid and scholarship services,  career services, tutoring and advising services, recreational sports activities,  child day-care service, food services, and alumni services. A&M-Kingsville  also provides continuing and adult education offerings both on campus  and at remote sites.

Customer Service Principles and Measures

Texas A&M University-Kingsville maintains a student/customer policy  of courtesy, respect, and accessibility. The following areas are included  in the Customer Service Principles and Measures:

1. The facilities of A&M-Kingsville shall be well maintained, easily  accessible to all customers, and clearly marked with appropriate directional  and informational signage. The maintenance of the campus facilities shall  emphasize cleanliness and have a pleasing aesthetic quality.

2. The staff of A&M-Kingsville is dedicated to quality customer service.  Academic, administrative, and student service departments annually address  issues of student and customer satisfaction in their Institutional Effectiveness Plans.  All employees are encouraged to identify themselves and their operational  unit by name when responding to telephone calls. The wearing of name tags  by employees in service areas is encouraged to promote a customer-friendly  environment. The University offers training programs and workshops to  its employees throughout the year promoting professional development and  customer relations.

3. Communications with customers emphasize courtesy, accuracy and efficiency.  This is accomplished through the availability of a toll-free telephone  number, online and voice services (including registration , financial  aid, and payment status), and voice and electronic mail services. The  Student Handbook, Catalog and Semester Schedules outline the various formats  and processes for communications within the University community.

4. The University website is available to all customers. The website  is generally user friendly and informative. Associated websites will encompass academicadministrative and student services. Internet and informational complaints  and questions shall be directed to the A&M-Kingsville Customer Service  Representative, Dr. Terisa Riley.

5. Service Timeliness. The institution will respond to each customer  inquiry in a timely manner irrespective of the nature or mode of the inquiry.  A timely manner may be described as:

  • E-mail questions are to be answered within two (2) working days.
  • Written requests are to be answered within five (5) working days.
  • Telephone requests are to be answered within five (5) working days.
  • In person requests are to be answered as soon as possible, with  a follow-up time period of five (5) working days under extenuating circumstances.

6. All printed materials from A&M-Kingsville are to generally be accurate,  timely, and informative.

Complaint Handling Process and Procedures

All student and customer service complaints should follow the complaint and/or grievance procedures as outlined in the student and faculty/staff handbooks. For clarification, or to report a student/customer service complaint, contact Dr. Terisa Riley, Senior Vice President for Student Affairs, Enrollment Management, and University Administration, at (361) 593-3612. Student and customer service complaints can be either verbal or written via email or paper copy. Customers  shall expect a complaint summary settlement report within five (5) working  days.

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