Core Mission Resources Committee


In an effort to enhance administrative efficiency and effectiveness, Chancellor John Sharp commissioned a Comprehensive Administrative Review (CAR) of Texas A&M University System (TAMUS) member universities and agencies in Spring 2013. The goal was to identify administrative cost savings and redirect that funding into teaching, research and service while maintaining the quality expected of the A&M System and its members. Areas identified for savings included academic support, student services and institutional support.

The final report identified areas from which each member institution and agency might be able to redirect funding back toward academic support – the core mission. It further outlined the dollar figure individual members should redirect based on cost comparisons at peer regional and national institutions.

Mission of the Core Mission Resources Committee

The final report indicated a savings goal of $1 million for Texas A&M University-Kingsville. The mission of the committee is to recommend a savings plan to the President that maximizes efficiency on campus while also meeting existing needs. The committee will meet weekly to identify potential opportunities for savings as well as how $1 million can be redirected to the core academic mission.

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