Graduate Program - Teacher and Bilingual Education Department

M.A. or M.S. in Bilingual Education
(may include a specialization in English as a Second Language)

The Master's Degree in Bilingual Education is designed to promote the professional development of school personnel involved in meeting the educational needs of Limited English Proficient (LEP) students. The program is open to teachers, administrators, counselors,supervisors, and other professionals interested in the education of language minority students. Courses are conveniently scheduled in the evenings or on Saturdays to accommodate the needs of persons working full-time. The department also offers courses leading to certification.



M.S. in Education

This program is designed to prepare teachers to be instructors in dual enrollment classes in high school. It requires 18 graduate hours in a specific content (ex. Math, English) which will also quality students to teach in community colleges and other areas of high education upon completion of the degree. All education courses and most of the support field classes are online.


Dr. Marie Lassmann
Graduate Coordinator
Rhode Hall 206

M.Ed. in Early Childhood Education

The Department of Teacher and Bilingual Education offers a Master of Education (M.Ed.) in Early Childhood Education. The program is designed to prepare teacher educators for leadership roles with educational institutions, meet the professional development needs of educators, and assist students with meeting teacher certification requirements.


Dr. Jack Bradley
Early Childhood Graduate Coordinator
Rhode Hall 260

M.S. in Reading Specialization

The Reading Specialist program leads to reading certification as a reading specialist in grades 1-12. It is designed to be especially useful in working with students having difficulty in learning to read. The program emphasizes building on student's strengths and on providing instruction appropriate for their individual needs. The program results in a master of science degree and certification as a Reading Specialist by the Texas Education Agency after passing the Texas state certification exam.

Reading Specialist Certification Requirements


Dr. Karen Sue Bradley
Reading Specialization Graduate Coordinator

Rhode Hall 262


M.Ed. in Special Education

This degree offers individualized preparation for students who have completed undergraduate programs in special education or related areas.  The program stresses field-based learning and experiences while offering ample opportunities to participate in teaching, research, and service.  Basic requirements include a core of courses common to all areas of special education, including an investigation of best educational practice for high incidence and low incidence disabilities, current legal issues, collaboration models, transition issues, and inclusion.

Courses leading to Educational Diagnostician certification are offered through this degree program. Click Here to see requirements.


Dr. Patti Huskin
Assistant Professor
Special Education Graduate Coordinator

Rhode Hall 256

Ed.D in Bilingual Education

The doctorate in Bilingual Education was the first such doctoral program in the nation.  It prepares individuals for administrative careers in education or for roles as leading academicians in higher education, with expertise in Bilingual education. For information on the AY-2016: 18 Characteristics of Texas Public Doctoral Programs: Bilingual Education Doctoral Program click here.


Dr. Roberto Torres
Associate Professor
Bilingual Doctoral Coordinator
Office Phone:361-593-2797
Office Location: Rhode Hall #200A

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