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Cadet Teams

Color Guard

Army Reserve Officer Training Corps enables students to enroll in elective leadership and military courses at colleges and universities in addition to their required courses.

 Being part of the Cadet Color Guard gives the Cadet the insight into how to properly present the National Colors for selected events throughout the school year. The Color Guard consists of four to five highly motivated Cadets that take pride in the presentation of the National Colors at many events.

This highly specialized team protects and displays the United States colors along with the Texas State Flag. To become part of this dedicated group of Cadets you must be willing to learn and understand the fundamental movements of Drill and Ceremony, time to practice and participate in the various events for which we present the colors.

The Javelina Battalion welcomes anyone to volunteer and become part of the Color Guard. Those cadets that perform the best during practices will be selected to represent the Battalion at the various events the color guard will perform at. They have presented at AT&T Stadium, TAMUK Athletic Events, formal dinners, awards ceremonies, commissioning ceremony and other events within the community.

Cannon Team

The Javelina Battalion cannon team is responsible for a tradition here at TAMUK dating back to the 80’s.  The Firing of “Old Smokey” is a privilege held by 5 cadets who volunteer their time to fire the cannon at every home football game and special events.  Previous cannon teams have fired Old Smokey at multiple military ceremonies ranging from Kingsville, TX to the Lyford, TX. So if you think you got what it takes to be part of tradition, try out for the cannon detail.

Ranger Challenge

The Javelina A CO Ranger Challenge Team is a Team comprised of 11 handpicked Cadets that will represent TAMUK at the Ranger Challenge competition in mid-October.  This is a Varsity level team that requires physical strength, mental agility, and dedication.  Candidates will be chosen based on APFT Score, GPA, and dedication to the program.  Candidates will then participate in rigorous PT Sessions and a series of test to determine their domain knowledge.  On the first week of October a list of those who have made the official team will be posted. Only 9 Cadets will compete, with 2 substitutes, against Universities in our Brigade. This rigorous competition will include an APFT, 10K Ruck March, weapons disassembly and reassembly, first aid, grenade toss, Land Navigation, and various other challenges.  Javelina A CO Ranger Challenge Teams in the past have one 1st place Male team 2009, 3rd place Co-ed team 2009, 2nd highest  individual APFT score 2012, and 2nd place Co-ed team 2012.

Cadet Detail

Guidon Bearer

The Guidon is a part of Military tradition dating back to the Roman Legions.  The Roman legions were said to have fought fiercely to protect their guidons. Guidon bearers would fight to the death rather than face the disgrace of allowing their guidon to fall.

The privilege of being the Javelina A CO Guidon Bearer will go to the MSI with the highest APFT Score. The Guidon Bearer will stand and perform drill and ceremony in front of the Company Formation.

Parking Detail

The Javelina ROTC conducts Parking Detail at all home games.  The monies raised are used for the end of the year Military Ball. The cadets volunteer for time slots to collect money and direct traffic in and out of the parking lot.  ROTC has a tent set up at the tailgate where food and drinks will be available to all ROTC Cadets working detail.

VFW Fill the Helmet

The Javelina ROTC conducts the Fill the Helmet fundraiser in order to raise money for the VFW once a semester.  The ROTC cadets feel that is important to volunteer and give back to the Kingsville community and our veterans.  During Fill the Helmet Cadets collect donations from members of the community at several locations in Kingsville.

Flag Detail

Corps Cadets are responsible for the revelry and retreat of the flag. “Reveille" and "Retreat" ceremonies serve a twofold purpose. They signal the beginning and ending of the official duty day and serve as ceremonies for paying respect to the flag and those who serve it. Both ceremonies constitute a dignified homage to our national flag from its raising in the morning to its lowering in the evening.  

Recruiting Detail

At any point in time a Cadet maybe called out to participate in a recruiting event.  It is essential that Cadets show their full participation and enthusiasm at these events for this is where we meet and encourage our future fellow Cadets to be a part of our distinguished ROTC program.

Additional Activities

Below is a list of activities that our Cadets participate in annually.  These events are not associated with Javelina ROTC and Cadets must receive permission to participate if they will be conducting training during the winter or summer break.

Back to School 5K- TAMUK

Tough Mudder- November 1&2 Houston or May 2-3 Central Texas

Beach to Bay- May 16 Corpus Christi

Spartan Race- November 1 Dallas

Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon- March 22 Dallas

Bataan Memorial Death March- March 22 White Sands, New Mexico

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