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B.S. in Kinesiology
(Sport Business)

This degree plan is chosen by students wishing to pursue non-teaching/non-coaching careers in the sport industry in high school, college, amateur, or professional sports settings, or in private or public sport business.  Career settings for graduates may include sport marketing/promotions, professional sports franchises, special event planning, convention/facility direction, the sporting goods industry, television/radio/print media relations, university and scholastic athletics/governance, sport publications, advertising/graphics, sport tourism, and club management, or sport camp/recreational programs. This program is highly interdisciplinary with courses in the College of Business Administration (CBA), and in the Department of Communication in the College of Arts & Sciences.

Coordinator:  Dr. Bruce Lund, 361-593-2301

Degree Plan

Course Map

Sport Business Logo

 “Your Game is our Business”

Want to be part of one of the fastest growing programs at Texas A&M University-Kingsville, and to parlay your love for sport into a career? Our students participate in a fast-paced industry that is known as sport business. They attend live events, develop relationships, and gain invaluable experience with organizations such as the San Antonio Spurs, Houston Texans, Houston Rockets, Houston Astros, and many others. Sport Business majors pursue careers from a long list of fields (marketing, branding, communications, broadcasting, sales, operations, event management, public relations, etc.).

How Are We Different From Other Programs?

The TAMUK Sport Business program prides itself on providing our students with “real-world” experience through apprenticeships and internships, while completing sport business-specific coursework. We systematically help students build a personal brand that prepares them to compete regionally to attract nationally when it comes to job opportunities. This is done through strategic partnerships both on-campus and off-campus. Students are required to complete two apprenticeships and two internships.


The apprenticeship is set up in accord with the Javelina Athletic Department and provides multiple opportunities to help students decide which area(s) they wish to specialize in. During the first apprenticeship students are expected to rotate through multiple positions to allow them to discover interests in the field. During the second apprenticeship students should begin to narrow their focus based on their specific career interests in the sport industry. The apprenticeship(s) are to completed more as entry-level courses to help prepare the students for their internships.


With the help of program coordinator Dr. Bruce Lund, students will seek out internship opportunities that best fit the students’ career path. Internships should be completed more as an upper-level course, and ideally students would work in one “unpaid” internship and one “paid” internship (both off-campus). Statistics indicate that over 60% of paid internships turn into full-time jobs.

Sport Business Program Vision, Mission, and Objectives (Goals)

Successful organizations have a position in the market. Our program is no different. We are hands-on with our students about the direction both the program and the students are headed in TOGETHER. Each semester we explore the vision, mission, and objectives (goals) of the program. Even though we generally talk about mission and vision statements first, the basic foundation of the program begins with a set of core values.

Program Core Values:

At the very center (core) of each person lies their character (philosophies, attitudes, beliefs, behaviors). Ultimately, this forms who we are, what we do, and why we matter. Ultra-successful teams/companies have a collective passion for what they do and a set of shared core values for how they do it. Dr. Lund recruits, trains, and retains business leaders of the future who meet minimal core values of the program such as: work ethic, dependability, accountability, internal drive, and commitment to improvement.

Core Value #1: Every day in your current role is an interview in your next role; every day at your current job is an interview for your next job.

Core Value #2: Students are to be less concerned about their job titles/descriptions and more focused on how they can add value.

Program Vision:

To recruit, train, and retain sport business leaders of the future that allow us to compete regionally to attract nationally. 

Program Mission:

To build a unique ability team of students who have a collective passion for an education in sport business and compete based on their sport industry experience. In doing so, the program prepares students to compete for and get jobs based on unique experiences, mentors, skills, and relationships that they develop during their time in our program. While enrolled in the program students should compete regionally for internships, and once finished they should attract nationally for paid positions.

Program Objectives (Goals):

  • To guide our students down clearly defined career paths based on their unique abilities and personal passions in the sport industry.
  • To treat our students more as professionals than as students so that they are prepared to compete with any sport business/management program in the country.
  • To help our students package, promote, and sell their unique skill-sets to potential employers.
  • To attract opportunities (jobs) versus constantly chasing opportunities (jobs).
  • To utilize all resources at our disposals both online and offline to help students grow a personal brand that is clearly defined for their target audience/market.
  • To define the difference between “schooling” and receiving an “education” so that our students are continual learners.
  • Be known as the go-to, must-have sport industry professionals in our market.
  • To stand out by looking different and running faster than our competition.
  • To overcome the negative stereotypes associated with the “millennial” generation.

In-Class Opportunities

Classroom settings often include special sessions called “Spend Time with Talent” which consists of in-person and webinar interviews with sport industry professionals. This allows our students fresh perspectives from industry practitioners (experts) who are actually doing what our students aspire to do. The classroom structure is treated more as a business meeting/environment to prepare students for real-world settings, etiquette, and behaviors. Dr. Lund believes these environments are not only beneficial but actually more “fun” than standard classroom sessions.

Online & Offline Branding


Not only are students encouraged to use social media but in many cases they are asked to. The program emphasizes social media strategies to help grow the students’ personal brand (marketability), while simultaneously growing the program’s brand. Social media knowledge is of particular importance in the sport industry.


Our program constantly seeks networking opportunities and job shadowing experiences for students to be actively involved with. Students are expected to dress professionally for such events and the program has branded polos available for students at discounted prices. 

Sport Business Club (Open to all Students)

In addition to in-class professional environments, the program also has an official, University recognized Sport Business Club that helps students prepare for such professional opportunities. Founded to help students with professional development issues, the club pursues local, regional, and nationally recognized events for its students to get involved with. The club is student-ran/led, but is advised through Dr. Lund who has authored a book for young professionals on professional development. All students who attend Texas A&M University-Kingsville are encouraged to join and receive the many benefits the club offers. One of the top priorities of the club is to secure internal and/or external grants to fund the various professional networking events that students travel to. Last semester (fall 2013) alone, students worked NCAA Division I bowl games in Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio, while attending networking events and job shadowing experiences with the Spurs, Rockets, Astros, Texans, among others.

The SB Club meets the first Wednesday of every month from 3-4 p.m. in the Steinke Physical Education Center (SPEC) Room 122 (subject to change). For more information about the club contact Orlando Rosa by email: orlando.rosa@students.tamuk.edu.

Still Interested?  Contact Dr. Bruce Lund!

For more information about a major or minor in Sport Business please contact program coordinator Dr. Bruce Lund by email: bruce.lund@tamuk.edu and set up a meeting. The Sport Business program is housed in the Department of Health & Kinesiology.

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