Department of Health and Kinesiology

Message from the Chair
Dr. Christopher M. Hearon, FACSM

Dr. Christopher M. Hearon

The Department of Health and Kinesiology is housed in the College of Education and Human Performance and is one of the largest departments on campus, and for good reason. We offer six exceptional undergraduate programs, and one Master’s program.  Our outstanding faculty is diverse, energetic, passionate, and student oriented.   If you are considering pursuing your degree in our department, I promise you that you will be provided with a contemporary, personable, and challenging academic experience.  So welcome to HKN, Health and Kinesiology Nation!

Member of the American Kinesiology Association

Welcome to the Department of Health and Kinesiology.   Use the links at the right to navigate through our site.   The department is housed in both the Steinke Physical Education Center and the Health and Recreation Building (The Old Gym).

Mission of the Department

The mission of the Department of Health and Kinesiology (HKN) is to provide well-rounded leaders and critical thinkers in the areas of health and movement studies.  To accomplish this mission, the faculty are committed to teaching, service, and research in the fields of health and kinesiology in an academically challenging, learner-centered and caring environment where all employees contribute to student success.  These activities are aimed at enhancing healthy and active lifestyles, and encouraging optimal human performance.  The Department offers undergraduate and graduate degrees that can prepare students for health- and/or kinesiology-related careers in either a school setting or the public sector.

Undergraduate Kinesiology Program

We offer coursework leading to the Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology where you may focus your studies in one of six areas: EC-12 Physical  Education (All Level-Teacher Certification), Exercise Science, Exercise Science/Performance Psychology, Exercise Science/Pre-Physical Therapy, Sport Management, or Sport & Leisure Studies.swimming

A degree in Kinesiology (EC-12 Physical Education) prepares you for a career in teaching, coaching or other exercise-/movement-related fields.  You can coach various sports and teach in either physical education or in your support field (history, math science, heath, etc.).

If you wish to work in exercise and movement settings outside the public schools, you may choose the Kinesiology (Exercise Science) degree plan.  This plan allows more flexibility in your work goals.  You can work in the fitness industries, clinical settings, non-school sports settings, etc. with this degree.  You may also structure your undergraduate program so you can continue to graduate school.

The Kinesiology (Exercise Science/Performance Psychology) degree plan allows students with a specific interest in sport psychology to study it as an undergraduate.  The degree prepares students for careers in marketing, coaching, personnel management, human services, and various therapy systems.  It also prepares students for graduate work in the fields of sport psychology, health psychology, rehabilitation, and occupational therapy. This degree plan requires a minor in psychology.

The Kinesiology (Exercise Science/Pre-Physical Therapy) degree plan is geared for those students wishing to use this degree as a pre- professional degree to help prepare them for application to rehabilitation/therapy school (e.g., physical therapy, occupational therapy, chiropractry, etc.).  The Exercise Science/Pre-Physical therapy track requires a support field in biology. 

The Kinesiology (Sport Business) degree plan is chosen by students wishing to pursue non-teaching/coaching careers in the sports industry in high school, college, amateur, or professional sports settings, or in private or public sports business.  The curriculum for this degree requires significant amount of coursework in the College of Business Administration. 
The Kinesiology (Sport & Leisure Studies) degree plan is chosen by students wishing to enter careers in youth work such as Boys & Girls Clubs, private sports instruction, civil service, or other professions where health, fitness and exercise knowledge are essential but do not require a teacher certification and the in-depth exercise science or business preparation offered by the kinesiology other degree plans. 

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Undergraduate Health Program

We offer coursework leading to a minor or support field in Health.  This minor can compliment many degrees including degrees in kinesiology, psychology, sociology, and biology (pre-professional). The Health minor is popular for students interested in careers working with state or county health agencies, hospital health education programs, nursing homes, private health concerns, etc. 

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Graduate Kinesiology Program

The mission of the M.S. in Kinesiology Program is to promote the study of health/fitness/wellness, sport administration, pedagogy, and exercise science through teaching, research, and service in health and kinesiology.  The Program seeks to advance the kinesiology disciplines through the discovery and dispersion of human movement-related knowledge. A critical aspect of these efforts is to provide students with the knowledge and skills for advanced study or careers in the health-and kinesiology-related fields, and develop graduates who are strong in character and lifelong learners.

The Health and Kinesiology PoolTRADITIONAL ON-CAMPUS PROGRAM:  The Department of Health and Kinesiology offers coursework leading to the M.S. in Kinesiology with a flexible curriculum to meet the specific needs and interests of the student. Students may pursue a kinesiology generalist degree or the may choose to tailor their major elective, supporting field coursework and research so that their degree plan emphasizes sport administration/kinesiology pedagogy or health/exercise science.  In addition to offering fall/spring courses for traditional graduate students, the department offers a summer program for non-traditional students.

ONLINE PROGRAM: Many of our students  have an interest in obtaining a Master's degree, but cannot go to school full-time (e.g., athletic and physical education professionals currently working in the field).  In addition to our traditional on-campus Master's program, we offer online coursework  to accommodate these non-traditional students.  Our online program rotates required and elective courses in such a way that you may begin the program during any semester, and complete the degree in a little over two years.

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