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Health and Kinesiology Facilities

Steinke Physical Education Center (SPEC)

The Department of Health and Kinesiology's main office is located in the Steinke Physical Education Center (SPEC) which was built in 1970 and renovated inThe SPEC Pool 1995. In addition to faculty and staff ofSteinke Physical Education Centerfices, the facility houses classrooms, a 50 m heated indoor swimming pool with diving well, a bowling alley, racquetball courts, tennis courts, a soccer/football field, an archery range, and a golf driving range.

The SPEC also houses a gymnasium which is the venue for many TAMUK and community events and is home to TAMUK's NCAA Division II basketball and volleyball teams.

SPEC Hours for Spring 2014

Click here for a copy of the SPEC recreation hours.

Contact Phil Compary, HKN Facilities Manager for more information. (361.593.2306)

Health and Recreation Building and Annex

The Health and Recreation Building (a.k.a., The Old Gym), erected in 1928, was one of the first three structures built on the campus of A&M-Kingsville (then South Texas Teachers College). It is now home to HKN classrooms, faculty offices, a full size gymnasium, and the Human Performance Laboratory (HPL). The Health & Recreation Annex houses faculty offices, a dance studio and tennis courts.

Human Performance Laboratory (HPL)

Treadmill Testing For those students interested in the exercise sciences or the testing, measurement, and evaluation of human performance variables, the Department of Health & Kinesiology’s Human Performance Laboratory (HPL) is located in the Health & Recreation Building and  is comprised of the main lab (HR 203) and four sub-labs [Performance Psychology (HR 210), Exercise Biochemistry (HR 106a), Body Composition Assessment I (HR 106b), and Body Composition Assessment II (HR 208)]. 

Equipment housed in the HPL includes:

Ergometers:  Treadmills (Laboratory Grade and Industry Grade), Stationary Cycles (Pendulum and Basket Drop), High-Load Stationary Cycle with Computer Interface (for Anaerobic Power Testing), Arm Crank, Jackson Isometric Strength Device (Load Cell), Hand Grip Dynamometers

Range of Motion/Muscular Flexibility:  Sit-and-Reach Boxes (Standard and Modified), Total Body Rotation Devices, Shoulder Body Rotation Devices, Goniometers, Flexiometers

The water tankBody Composition Assessment:  Skinfold Calipers (Lange), Anthropometers, Anthropometric Measuring Tape, Bioelectric Impedance Analyzer (Multi-frequency), Hydrostatic Chamber, Whole Body Plethysmograph (Bod Pod), Physician's Platform Scales, Stadiometers

Metabolic/Pulmonary:  Metabolic Cart, Dry (Bellows) Spirometer, Peak Expiratory Flow Meters, Scholander Chemical Gas Analyzer

The Bod PodCardiovascular:  Sphygomanometers (Aneroid and Mercury Column), Electrocardiograph (EKG), Stethoscopes (Single and Dual), Heart-Rate Monitors

Biochemistry:  Ultra-low (-80 ) Freezer, Microplate Reader, Microplate Washer, Refrigerated Centrifuge, Flake Ice Maker, Water Purification System, Miscellaneous Blood Collection/Analysis Equipment

Environmental:  The HPL is currently equipped to measure barometric pressure, ambient air temperature, globe temperature, and wet bulb globe temperature in-house and in the field.  

Other:  Pedometers, Curl-Up Templates (for abdominal endurance), Stopwatches, Metronomes, Refrigerator/Freezer (2), Computer Stations, Athletic Training Tables, Anatomical Models

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