You are eligible to take the Pre-Admission Content Test (PACT) exam if:

1. You do not have the required coursework hours in the content area you wish to teach

2. You hold a bachelor's degree from an accredited university

3. You are seeking certification as a classroom teacher

4. You have NOT been enrolled or accepted into an alternative certification program

To register for the exam:    Students using computer

1. Go to

2. Click on "register"

3. Scroll down, then click "new user"

4. Select "No TEA ID"

5. Select "Pre-Admission Content Tests"

6. Enter required data for account registration

7. Select "register for a test"

Please note: The PACT is simply the route that allows you to take examinations without being affiliated with a particular educator program. The test for which you register is not called PACT, it is called TExES. A passing score on the PACT does not guarantee admittance to the program. Scores must be sent by the student to our office as we do not receive them from ETS.

Please review all policies and procedures outlined in the registration bulletin online at prior to your test date. 

Test preparation materials are available on the ETS website or at a variety of online sites.

This page was last updated on: December 17, 2015