Education Preparation Program (EPP)

The Educator Preparation Program (EPP) is a traditional teaching certification program involving an undergraduate degree coupled with certification.

Effective Fall 2015:

All candidates accepted into the undergraduate tradiitonal educator preparation program will be required to pass the the following PRIOR TO student teaching:

  • The required content area certification examination for the certificate field sought
  • the Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities EC-12 examination

Candidates who do not pass these required examinations prior to student teaching may:
1.  Re-test until passing scores are achieved, delaying student teaching until eligibility is met, or
2.  Forfeit eligibility for teacher certification and graduate with a non-certificate based degree plan.  Candidates choosing this option may pursue teacher certification through a post-baccalaureate program or an alternative certification program.

EPP Mission

The Educator Preparation Program at Texas A&M University-Kingsville prides itself as a field-based program providing students with extensive opportunities for hands-on learning and application at area public and private schools. Students benefit from a faculty and staff who share a mission to prepare qualified, confident, and inspiring educators to maximize learning for children.

Through coursework designed in compliance with the Texas Education Agency - State Board for Educator Certification and Standards, students gain valuable knowledge for a successful teaching profession. Aspiring educators in our Educator Preparation Program (EPP) are prepared for classroom roles in schools with diverse populations in a changing cultural and educational environment.

In addition to field-based experiences, our faculty utilize technology, research-based teaching methods, and outcome-based performance assessments.

Admission Procedures

Below is a checklist for application to the EPP (the link will take you to a PDF version of this EPP Application checklist).

  1. Completion of 60 semester hours
  2. Complete Application for Admission and Teacher Candidate Commitment Contract (in admission packet)
  3. Completion of the following core courses:

    Course Grade
    English 1301  
    English 1302 with a "C" or better  
    History 1301  
    History 1302  
    Math 1314, 1316, or a higher math  
  4. The Education student must qualify for college level course enrollment based on placement scores in Reading, Writing and Mathematics. All required developmental courses must be completed and satisfactory retest scores posted before acceptance into the Teacher Education Program, or enrollment in Education courses.

    Assessment exams include: ACT, SAT, TAAS, TAKS, ACCUPLACER, ASSET, COMPASS, THEA (TASP). Take and pass Reading, Mathematics and Writing in any combination of the following:

    Test Grade Area Grade Area Grade Area
    *Prior to 9-1-95: All TASP sections (220)
      Reading (230)   Math (230)   Writing (220)
    ACCUPLACER   Reading (78)   Math (63)   Writing (80 and 5, or any score and 6)
    COMPASS   Reading (81)   Math (39)   Writing (59 and 5, or any score and 6)
    ASSET   Reading (41)   Math (38)   Writing (40 and 5, or any score and 6)
    ACT   English (19)   Math (19)   Composite (23)
    *April 1995 or later
      Combined verbal score of 1070 w/minimum of 500 on Verbal and Math
    *Prior to April 1995
      Combined verbal score of 970 w/minimum of 420 on Verbal and 470 on Math
    TAAS   Reading (89)   Math (86)   Writing (1770)
    TAKS   2200 in Math and/or 2200 in English/Language Arts with a sub-score of at least 3
  5. Take and pass the Nelson Denny Reading Test with a Stanine score of 4 or better. Contact the Center for Educator Preparation Services - 361-593-4051 - to schedule this test.
  6. Official Degree Plan on file.  Keep a copy for yourself to update and use when registering for classes each semester.
  7. Current transcript with GPA listed (either an official or unofficial will be accepted) **Copies of transcripts for transferred courses needed**
  8. A cumulative GPA of 2.75 or better on a 4.0 scale. (A 2.75 grade point average must be maintained to stay in teacher preparation program.  In addition the student must have a GPA of 2.75 in teaching field content area in order to student teach).
  9. Answered the teacher aide question on application
  10. Answered the felony question on application
  11. Professional current email address - you will need an active email account in order to apply for certification. NO EMAIL = NO CERTIFICATION
  12. Teacher Education Program Disclosure Form included: MUST BE SIGNED AND DATED
  13. Criminal History Background Check Consent Form included: MUST BE SIGNED AND DATED
  14. Complete a Critical Thinking Requirement (EDED 1301 or an equivalent course)   Equivalent Course: _______________________
  15. Make sure all the information is complete before turning in packet. (You must have both student and advisor signatures on application page of packet).
  16. Read the Texas Administrative Code of Ethics and the Affirmation form must be signed and dated.

The above represent all of the requirements for admission to EPP.

Additional Information

Contact your college advisor.

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