Doctoral Studies in Bilingual Education-Admissions


Admission to the program is open to anyone who meets entrance requirements, regardless of ethnic background or national origin. Enrollment limitations are based exclusively on the availability of faculty and resources.

In making admission decisions, the doctoral faculty will engage in a comprehensive, systematic review of the applicant's academic proficiency and personal characteristics. Items examined in this review include, but are not limited to, the following:

1.  Score of 1000 on the GRE (Graduate Record Examination).
2.  Master's degree from an accredited university.
3.  Positive recommendation from graduate professors and from administrators under whom the individual has worked or studied.
4.  Minimum of 3.25 GPA in graduate courses.
5.  Record of competence and effectiveness in professional work, as evidenced by positive reviews by present and/or former supervisors.
6.  Performance at the 84th percentile on the MLA language exam for the non-English language, or demonstrated potential for reaching this level of performance within three years.

On occasion, the doctoral faculty may wish to hold a personal interview with the candidate. This interview will focus on the applicant's ability to express themselves clearly, on their potential to contribute to the field of Bilingual teacher education, and his or her determination to complete the program once admitted. The applicant's ability to take position and defended it with solid argumentation will be examined. Admission to the program does not guarantee successful completion of the program.

The doctoral faculty may require additional work by the applicant prior to or concurrent with enrollment in the doctoral program if it establishes that a deficiency exists in the applicant's background and training.

In order for an application to be considered complete, the following documents must be on file:
•  Application for admission to the University if entering Texas A&M University-Kingsville for the first time.
•  Official transcripts from all colleges attended. Undergraduate transcript must show conferring of baccalaureate degree.
•  Graduate transcript must show conferring of Master's degree.
•   Evidence of having taken the GRE (Graduate Record Examination).
•    Application for admission to the doctoral program.
•    Statement certifying that applicant has read carefully the description of the doctoral program and all other information contained in the College of Graduate Studies Catalog, and is aware of its contents and intends to pursue doctoral studies at Texas A&M University-Kingsville.
•    At least three letters of reference, two of which should be from professors under whom applicant has taken graduate work.
•    At the time of this application, those applicants who do not possess sufficient second language skills to cope successfully with courses taught in that language must present evidence of potential for achieving the required level of competency in the second language. The applicant must explain what specific steps he or she plans to take in order to correct any deficiencies in the second language.

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