Texas A&M University-Kingsville

Student Travel


Texas A&M University - Kingsville in conjunction with Citibank has made available a MasterCard program for student out-of-town travel, known as the T-Card. This card allows full-time coaches, faculty, and employees that are taking students on out of town travel access to a MasterCard credit card to cover most expenses associated with the official travel; including meals, lodging, vehicle rental gasoline, registration fees, parking and more.


A mandatory training is required to request a T-Card. The training covers the guidelines of card use in detail and usually lasts about 30-40 minutes. Please call the T-Card administrator for information on setting up a training. Sandra Charles (361) 593-3950


There are certain required forms to request a T-Card that can be accessed from our website. These completed forms are required to be submitted to the Travel Department at least ten (10) business prior to your trip. Forms for use during your trip, such as tax exemption forms are also available. When your trip is complete you will need to submit an expenses report along with the original itemized receipts within four (4) business days of your return.

Business Office Policy on  Travel Advance Requests

The University allows for student travel funds to be advanced for student out-of-town travel. The qualified department(s) must used the following guidelines in order to receive funds for advanced travel:

  • Research the out-of-town event that you are planning to take students to. Plan the trip and calculate how much money will be needed in order to take the trip. Make a list of the students and employees that will be attending the event. Prepare a requisition, at least a week in advance, to get the proper approvals and signatures and so that the Business Office will receive the said requisition in plenty of time to meet your requested funds. The requisition must include the following items:
    • Name of the event you will be taking the students
    • Destination - where you will be taking the students
    • Departure - time and date of departure
    • Return - time and date of return
    • List of students and employees that will be going
    • Name of the department that is traveling
    • Amount of funds and denominations needed.
    • A breakdown of how you arrived and the amount of funds that will be needed in each anticipated expense (meals, lodging, entry fees, etc.)
    • Time funds will be picked up
  • Only full time traveling employees will be allowed to pick up funds at the cashiering area. Receipts for all the expenditures that were made and or the funds left over must be turned in within two (2) days after the funds were picked up. Only one advance team travel at a time will be allowed per individual. You cannot pick up a second advance team travel if the first cash advances still outstanding. Remember that only qualified travel expenses will be allowed. Unallowable expenses will be reimbursed to the university.

This page was last updated on: October 01, 2014