Texas A&M University-Kingsville

Accounting Services

 Maricela A. Flores
 Assistant Comptroller and Director of Accounting
 College Hall Room 111B
 (361) 593-4192    kamag00@tamuk.edu
 Areas of Responsibilities
 Accounting Services
 Accounts Payable
 Property Management

Accounting and Banking Services Staff

 Vilma Castillo                         Robyn Shaw
 Assistant Director of Accounting                        Staff Accountant II
 College Hall Room 111C                        College Hall Room 111
 (361) 593-4314    vilma.castillo@tamuk.edu                        (361) 593-2520   robyn.shaw2@tamuk.edu
 Areas of Responsibility                        Areas of Responsibility
   Banking                                       Reconciliations
   Bank reconciliations                        Endowment transfers
   Clearing account reconciliations                        Vendor setup
   Voucher corrections                        Journal entries
   Resolves banking issues                        Unrelated business income tax
   Disbursement corrections                        Sales and use tax reporting
   Encumbrances                        Check write-offs
   Backup:  property management                        Interest allocation

Accounts Payable Staff

 Judith L Murdoch                        Maria T. Escatel
 Senior Accounts Payable Specialist                                Accounts Payable Specialist I
 College Hall Room 111                         College Hall Room 111
 (361) 593-3952   kajlm00@tamuk.edu                       (361) 593-2011   maria.escatel@tamuk.edu
 Areas of Responsibility                        Areas of Responsibility
   Prompt payment interest                       Tex-An authorization code assignment/deletion
   Payment processing on state and local funds                       P-Card auditing
   Report distribution                       Interdepartmental transfers (telephone lines)
   Voucher correction                       Vendor/invoice inquiries
   Auditing vouchers                       Backup:  report distribution
   Vendor/invoice inquiries                       Backup:  voucher corrections
   Working fund requests                       Backup:  check distribution
   Interdepartmental transfers                       Backup:  payment processing
   Individual reimbursements

Property Management Staff

 Ana Landeros                           Maria Rico
 Staff Accountant II / Property Manager                        Student Worker
 College Hall Room 111                        College Hall Room 111
 (361) 593-2713   anavlanderos@tamuk.edu                         (361) 593-2544  
 Areas of Responsibility 
   Maintain fixed assets database
   Missing & stolen reporting
   Asset reconciliation
   Cash advance encumbrances
   Backup:  banking            


Travel Staff

 Sandra Charles                   Betty Contreras
 Travel Coordinator                   Travel Specialist
 College Hall Room 111                    College Hall Room 111
 (361) 593-3950   sandra.charles@tamuk.edu                   (361) 593-3951 petrab.contreras@tamuk.edu
´Areas of Responsibility                    Areas of Responsibility
   Management & distribution of T-Card                      Audit & process expense reports
   Reviewing & analyzing Concur reports                   Cash advances
   Concur training                   Travel expense corrections
   Concur troubleshooting                                  Backup:  Concur troubleshooting
   T-Card training                   Backup:  distribution of T-Card
   Backup:  cash advances                   Backup:  T-Card limit restrictions
   Backup: expense reporting auditing & processes

Student Worker Support Staff

  Lucia Contreras                                                             Gabby Molina
  Accounts Payable                                                            Travel
  College Hall Room 111                                                            College Hall Room 111
  (361) 593-2105                                                              (361) 593-2544

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