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 Tuition & Fees  

Tuition and Fees Rate Schedules for Fall 2014 - including Guaranteed Tuition Plans

Tuition and Fees Rate Schedules for Winter Intersession 2014

Office Hours

Accounting Services Cashier
Regular Hours

8:00 am to 5:00 pm

8:00 am to 5:00 pm for Student Services
8:00 am to 4:00 pm for Departmental Business

Payment Options

Option 1: Pay online on MoneyConnect thru Blue & Gold Connection using credit cards (Discover, MasterCard, American Express), debit cards, and Electronic Check.Authorized users (Non-students needing to pay Nursery Charges and other individuals authorized by students to make payments on their account) can use Moneyconnect - login here.

Option 2: Pay in person at the Business Office in College Hall Room 104 between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm using cash, check, money order, or debit card (NO credit cards). After hours, a payment drop box is located in the front of the Business Office entrance. Make checks payable to TAMUK, include Banner ID number, the semester for which you are enrolled, and place in an envelope into the box. Your payment will be recorded the next business day.

Option 3: Emergency Loan
An Emergency Loan covering all tuition and fees is available on MoneyConnect for a $15 fee. To be eligible for this emergency loan, you cannot have a balance remaining from any previous semesters. The emergency loan must be paid back to the university on the date specified in the contract within the current semester. See Important Dates below.

Option 4: Deferred payment
A deferred payment plan contract is available on MoneyConnect for Fall and Spring semesters only. Initial payment is 25% of tuition and fees, housing and board, plus 100% of non-deferrable fees, and the general property deposit. If a student chooses a deferred payment plan, he/she must present it to the Business Office during office hours before the fees are due.

For further inquiries contact Business Office  at (361) 593-2616.


Important Dates  

See also: Complete Academic Calendars

Spring Int 2014 Summer I 2014 Summer II 2014 Sum Int 2014

Fall 2014

Winter Int 2014 Spring 2015
Priority Registration Begins  04/01/14   04/01/14    04/01/14 06/23/14  04/01/14 10/20/14 10/20/14
Late Registration - $35.00 fee on(after) this date   05/05/14  05/0514 08/11/14 01/05/15
Tuition Emergency Loans start   04/30/14   05/02/14   05/02/14   07/21/14 08/11/14 12/01/14 01/05/15
Advance Registration Payment Deadline - $35.00 Late Payment fee after this date   04/05/14   05/05/14  05/05/14  07/28/14  08/18/14 12/08/14 01/12/15
Book emergency loans start   04/05/14   05/26/14   06/30/14 07/28/14 08/18/14 12/08/14 01/12/15
1st Class Day (Regular Classes)   05/12/14   06/02/14  07/07/14  08/04/14 08/25/14 12/15/14 01/20/15
5th Class Day (1st Drop for non-payment) 08/29/14 01/26/15
$100.00 Reinstatement fee begins 09/02/14  01/27/15
12th / 2nd / 4th Class Day (Census Day - Permanent Drop for non-payment)  05/13/14  06/05/14  07/10/14  08/05/14 09/10/14 12/16/14 02/04/15
Tuition & Book emergency loans due 05/27/14   07/31/14  07/31/14   08/15/14 10/16/14 01/06/14 03/27/15
Title IV 60% of Semester   06/21/14   07/25/14 10/29/14 04/02/15

Student Account Refund  

A credit balance may occur in a student account as a result of any of the following:

  • Financial aid residual
  • Overpayment of account
  • Dropping a class or withdrawing within refund period
  • Release of Housing Deposit or General Property Deposit

The Business Office disburses credit balances in student accounts through HigherOne routinely. Refunds are processed twice a week (Tuesday and Thursday) for credit balances $20 or greater.Just choose the refund option that best fits you.

 ·    Option 1: Utilizing your new My One Card  

 ·    Ooption 2: Enter Direct Deposit account information from your existing bank account.(if you currently have Direct Deposit established in Money Connect, you will have to re-enter  for HigherOne. No currently saved account information will be carried over into the HigherOne system).

 ·    Option 3: Paper Check

 *** For credit balances less then $20 students may receive a cash refund at the Business Office. 

Contact Phone Numbers

Contact Phone Numbers
(361) 593-2616
Fax Number - (361) 593-4165

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