University of Texas at El Paso (Lead Institution)

Project Director
Dr. Heidi A. Taboada
Department of Industrial, Manufacturing and Systems Engineering
Email:  hataboada@utep.edu
Co-Project Directors
Dr. Jose F. Espiritu--Industrial, Manufacturing and Systems Engineering
Dr. William Hargrove--Center for Environmental Resource Management
Dr. Salvador Hernandez--Electrical and Computer Engineering
Dr. Juan Noveron-Chemistry

Texas A&M University--Kingsville

Institutional Project Director
Dr. Shad D. Nelson
Department of Agriculture, Agribusiness and Environmental Science
Co-Project Director
Dr. Greta Schuester--Agriculture, Agribusiness and Environmental Science

Texas State University--San Marcos

Institutional Project Director
Dr. Tongdan Jin
Ingram School of Engineering
Email:  tj17@txstate.edu
Co-Project Directors
Dr. Luyi Sun--Chemistry and Biochemistry
Dr. Reed Richardson--Agriculture

New Mexico State University

Institutional Project Director
Dr. Delia Valles
Department of Industrial Engineering
Email:  dvalles@nmsu.edu
Co-Project Directors
Dr. Hansuk Sohn--Industrial Engineering
Dr. Nirmala Khandan--Civil Engineering
Dr. Ram Acharya--Agricultural Economics and Agricultural Business

USDA Collaborators

Agricultural Research Service
Dr. Dan R. Upchurch
Area Director-Southern Plains Area

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