Faculty and Courses

Women and Gender studies faculty come from a wide variety of home departments, reflecting the interdisciplinary nature of the program. Faculty regularly teach courses in their home departments that count toward the minor, offering a wide range of fields of research for students. 


Dr. Susan Roberson, Interim Director of Women and Gender Studies

Dr. Stan Hodges

Dr. Marion Blake

Mr. Roman Smith

Dr. Christine Reiser Robbins

Dr. George Vargas

Dr. Jennifer Pearce-Morris

Dr. Nadia Hasan

Ms. Jessica Stephens

Dr. Marcy Tucker

A minor in Women and Gender Studies requires 18 semester hours. The courses reflect the wide range of options students have in completing the minor. Additionally, students may satisfy hours for a minor with internships approved by the director.

Course Offerings                                  

Fall 2015

  • ANTH 4350—Cultural Difference in Body Image
  • ART/WGST 3302
  • HSCI 4331
  • SOCI 4307—Family and Marriage
  • PSYC/WGST 3313
  • PSYC/SOCI 2306
  • PSYC/SOCI 4305
  • PSYC 4325- PSYC Perspectives of Gender and Culture
  • ENGL 4340- The Victorian Governess Novel
  • PSYC 4315-Perspectives of Gender and Culture

Spring 2016

  • WGST 1301—Introduction to Women and Gender Studies
  • HSCI 3330—Historic Costume
  • PSYC/WGST 3313—Psychology of Women
  • PSYC/SOCI 2306—Human Sexuality
  • PSYC/SOCI 4305—Advanced Human Sexuality
  • SOCI 4307—Family & Marriage
  • PSYC/WGST 2305—Women’s Issues in Health & Sex

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