Fall 2015 Student Symposium

Women and Gender Studies Fall 2015 Student Symposium

November 10, 2015

Blue Room - Sam Fore Hall

1:00                 Welcome by Dr. Susan Roberson

1:15                 Panel 1: Gender, Sex, and Culture

                   Neha Kashmiri: Gender, Sexuality, and the Effects of Colonization

                   Tessa Flores: Catcalling: Violating Gender Norms

                   Tyler Collette: The Effects of Sex and Cultural Orientation on Impression Formation

2:15                 Panel 2: Their Eyes Were Watching God

                   Samantha Drummond, Cassandra Garcia, Jaime Jimenez, and Diane Montez:

                   The Roles of Women

                   Bert Arevalo , Meah Castaneda, Jamarkus Horace, and Christina Lopez:  Travel and Journeys

                   Evelina Gonzalez, Alex Vasquez and Diana Vasquez:  Aspects of Feminism

                   Jesse Anyanwu, Migdalia Garcia, Brenda Leal-Flores, Jessie Ochoa, and Diksha Sharma:

                   The Intersection of Class and Race with Gender

3:15                 Panel 3: Diverse Female Students: Past and Present

                   Laura Treviño: African American Women in Kingsville during the Depression

                   Susan Bessemayuk Taka: Latina Students in Higher Education:

                   Texas A&M University- Kingsville: 1926-1940

                   Crystal King and Elizabeth Vasquez: An Examination of Equity for Female Students within the

                   Engineering Disciplines 


4:15                 Love, Turmoil, and Hope:  Three Vocal Solos with Texts by Women Writers

                   Flor Saldivar:  I wrote his name along the beach

                   Irma I. Reyes: Across the twilight’s violet

                   Carissa Reyes: Hold On


4:45                 Introduction of Keynote Speaker, Cynthia A. Olvera

                         Cynthia A. Olvera, Assistant Director of Student Activities at Texas A&M University

                         Keynote speech by Cynthia A. Olvera

5:30                 Close of Program by Dr. Susan Roberson 

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