Phi Alpha, Social Work Honor Society

Welcome to the Phi Alpha-Lambda Alpha Chapter of the Social Work Honor Society's web page! Our organization’s purpose is to recognize and promote scholastic achievement among students and faculty involved in the TAMUK Social Work Program; to recognize, improve, and further the goals of social work in the community, state, nation, and world; to stimulate interest in preparation for a career in social work; to encourage continued study and research at the undergraduate level, graduate level, and in professional practice; and to recognize those professional social workers and others whose service, contributions, and leadership are held in esteem. We hope that you enjoy exploring our website and decide to join the Lambda Alpha Chapter of Phi Alpha!


To become a member, please complete our Phi Alpha Membership Application and contact the Phi Alpha President.

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Maria iyescas

  Maria A. Iyescas, MSSW, LMSW, Professor of Practice

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