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Declaration of a Major in Social Work

Any student, who is admitted to Texas A&M University-Kingsville, may at any time declare social work as their major.  When a student declares social work as their major they are placed in a Pre-Social Work status.  Before any student is allowed to take social work practice oriented coursework on the 3000 or 4000 level, they must be formally admitted to the B.S.W. degree program by the Social Work Program Director.  To accomplish this task, students must make formal application to the Social Work Program, and meet prerequisite admission requirements stated in the next section.  Students cannot graduate in a Pre-Social Work status with the B.S.W. degree.

Admission Requirements

Formal admission into the B.S.W. degree program is required to register for many of the professional social work courses, and is offered by the Social Work Program Director in collaboration with the social work faculty.  The requirements for admission into the B.S.W. degree program are as follows:

1. Completion of 43 semester hours of coursework including the following courses, or their equivalent, with an overall college grade point average of 2.50 or better. 

  • BIOL 2401 and BIOL 2402
  • ENGL 1301, ENGL 1302, and ENGL 2342 or ENGL 2362
  • HIST 1301 and HIST 1302
  • POLS 2301 and POLS 2302
  • UNIV 1101 and UNIV 1102
  • University Mathematics requirement
  • University Visual and Performing Arts requirement
  • University Oral Communications requirement
  • University Global Learning requirement

2. Completion of PSYC 2301, SOCI 1301, and SCWK 2331 with a “C” or better and a 2.50 grade point average in these three courses.

3. Completion of 20 hours of social or human service work approved by the Social Work Program.

4. Submission of an acceptable personal narrative paper as outlined by the Social Work Program.

5. Submission of an Application for Admission into the B.S.W. Degree Program on forms provided by the Social Work Program and in accordance with the policies and procedures set out in the Social Work Student Handbook, which is available online.

Program Handbook, Application, and Forms

2013-2014 B.S.W. Student Handbook

The B.S.W. Student Handbook is intended as a source of general information of interest to students enrolled in the Social Work Program at Texas A&M University-Kingsville. It contains an overview of the Social Work Program and its policies and procedures as well as other related material with which social work majors should be familiar.

B.S.W. Degree Program Application

The B.S.W. Degree Program Application is required of all pre-social work students who desire to be admitted to the B.S.W. degree program.  The application should be completed during or after a pre-social work student takes the SCWK 2331 course.  Please submit the completed application to the Social Work Program Office, located in J. R. Manning Hall, Office Suite 152.  Please note that incomplete applications will not be processed.

Student Information Data Sheet

All new pre-social work students, newly admitted B.S.W. degree majors, students who are admitted to the field education phase of the Social Work Program, and all graduating seniors are required to complete this form.

Change of Major/Minor Form

The Change of Major/Minor form is to be used by students who desire to become a social work major, those students who wish to declare an academic minor in social work (starting in fall 2013), or those students who desire to change academic catalogs.  The completed form should be first brought to the Social Work Program Office, located in J. R. Manning Hall, Office Suite 152, for processing.  The Social Work Program will then forward the approved form to the proper University office.

Volunteer Experience Time Sheet

The Volunteer Experience Time Sheet is used by pre-social work students to document their required social/human service experience in efforts to achieve admission into the B.S.W. degree program.

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