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Occupational Outlook

Social Work's Occupational Outlook and Salary Data

Occupational Outlook Handbook: National Data

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Office of Occupational Statistics and Employment Projections (n.d.), The Occupational Outlook Handbook is the "nation′s premier source for career information! The profiles featured here cover hundreds of occupations and describe What They Do, Work Environment, How to Become One, Pay, and more. Each profile also includes BLS employment projections for the 2010–20 decade."

Child, Family, and School Social Workers: Texas Data

"Provide social services and assistance to improve the social and psychological functioning of children and their families and to maximize the family well-being and the academic functioning of children. May assist parents, arrange adoptions, and find foster homes for abandoned or abused children. In schools, they address such problems as teenage pregnancy, misbehavior, and truancy. May also advise teachers. Sample of reported job titles: School Social Worker, Family Service Worker, Case Manager, Foster Care Social Worker, Social Worker, Family Protection Specialist, Youth Services Specialist, Case Worker, Child Protective Services Social Worker (CPS Social Worker)" (O*NET Online, 2010).

Health Care Social Workers: Texas Data

"Provide individuals, families, and groups with the psychosocial support needed to cope with chronic, acute, or terminal illnesses. Services include advising family care givers, providing patient education and counseling, and making referrals for other services. May also provide care and case management or interventions designed to promote health, prevent disease, and address barriers to access to healthcare. Sample of reported job titles: Social Worker, Medical Social Worker, Clinical Social Worker, Director of Social Services, Social Work Case Manager, Nephrology Social Worker, Oncology Social Worker, Renal Social Worker, Director of Social Work, Psychiatric Social Worker" (O*NET Online, 2010).

Mental Health and Substance Abuse Social Workers: Texas Data

"Assess and treat individuals with mental, emotional, or substance abuse problems, including abuse of alcohol, tobacco, and/or other drugs. Activities may include individual and group therapy, crisis intervention, case management, client advocacy, prevention, and education. Sample of reported job titles: Social Worker, Case Manager, Clinical Social Worker, Clinical Therapist, Clinician, Mental Health Therapist, Psychotherapist, Community Support Worker, Counselor, Probation Agent" (O*NET Online, 2010).

Social Workers, All Other: Texas Data

"All social workers not listed separately" (O*NET Online, 2010).  Sample of reported job titles: These may include, but are not limited to Social Work Administrator, Social Service Director, Program Manager, International Social Worker, Community Developer or Planner, Policy Analyst, Legislative Aid, Legislator (Ritter, Vakalahi, & Kiernan-Stern, 2009).

Social Work Teachers: Post-Secondary: National Data

"Teach courses in social work. Includes both teachers primarily engaged in teaching and those who do a combination of teaching and research. Sample of reported job titles: Professor, Social Work Professor, Clinical Professor, Instructor, Lecturer, Bachelor of Social Work Program Coordinator (B.S.W. Program Director), Faculty Member, Field Education Coordinator, Master of Social Work Program Coordinator (M.S.W. Program Director), Social Work Lecturer" (O*NET Online, 2010).

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