Minors in Southwest Borderland Studies

The Southwest Borderlands Research Center offers minors in both of its component areas, Mexican American Studies and Southwest Borderlands Studies, in conjunction with the Departments of Geosciences, History, Language and Literature, Political Science, Psychology and Sociology, and the Colleges of Agriculture and Human Sciences, Business Administration, and Engineering.

Minors in Mexican American Studies are required to complete 18 semester hours of courses related to Mexican Americans, including SWBS 2301. Students electing to minor in Southwest Borderlands Studies are required to take SWBS 2302, SWBS 4302, and SWBS 4304 to complete 18 semester hours of courses related to borderlands development. No more than 9 semester hours in any department may apply toward the minor in either area of concentration.

Students may select from the following courses in order to complete a minor in either Mexican American Studies or Southwest Borderlands Studies.

  • GEOG 3335 Mexico and Middle America
  • HIST 3356 Mexico
  • HIST 3346 Texas History
  • HIST 3348 History of the Mexican American in the Southwest
  • HIST 4356 Mexico HIST 4346 Texas History
  • HIST 4350 Latin America
  • HIST 4392 Crucial Topics in Latin American History
  • ANTH 3301 Pre-Columbian American Culture
  • ANTH 4308 Latin American Culture
  • ANTH 4309 Mexican Border Subcultures
  • SPAN 4311 Spanish Linguistics
  • SPAN 4319 Hispanic Folklore

Additional courses apply at the discretion of the center director.

Course Descriptions

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