Minor in Mexican American Studies

Do you want to add a distinctive component or area of study to your typical academic plan?

A minor in Southwest Borderlands or Mexican American Studies is of particular interest to students pursuing careers in law enforcement, social work, criminal justice, education, international business, ecology, and sociology. Both minors blend policy, history, concepts, and analytical tools. Many of the courses emphasize real-world applications, case studies, experiential learning, and field opportunities.

 A minor in Mexican American Studies requires eighteen (18) hours. This minor includes courses that focus on ancient and historic cultures, modern cultural studies, geography, history, music, political science, sociology, the Spanish language and Spanish literature, and regional studies of the Southwest Borderlands, which examine both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border. SWBS 2301 Foundations in Mexican American Studies is required of all persons taking this minor. Students may select from a list of additional courses to complete this minor. The list of applicable courses may be obtained from the program coordinator or Psychology/Sociology department chair (see “Who We Are / Contact Us”). No more than 9 semester hours in any discipline may apply toward the minor. Students may not count the same course toward both a major and a minor. Students should have all of the prerequisites or permission from the instructor.

This page was last updated on: September 29, 2016