Course offerings

Housed in the Department of Psychology and Sociology, the Southwest Borderlands Studies program curriculum is organized around core courses and elective courses which are offered through partnerships across departments. The interdisciplinary nature of the program allows students to pursue a range of different topics, complementing majors as diverse as Sociology, Criminology, Criminal Justice, Social Work, Spanish, English, Political Science, and History.

The Southwest Borderlands Studies program offers three courses of its own:

  • SWBS 2301    Foundations of Mexican American Studies
  • SWBS 2302    Introduction to Southwest Borderlands Studies
  • SWBS 4301    Bicultural Groups in the U.S

In addition, courses may be drawn from among those listed below to complete a minor in either Mexican American Studies or Southwest Borderlands Studies. Additional courses may apply at the discretion of the program coordinator (see “Who We Are / Contact Us” for the program coordinator’s contact information).

  • ARTS 4303     History of Mexican American Art
  • COMM 3369   Hispanics and Film
  • COMM 4307   Hispanics in the Media
  • ENGL 4374     Literature of the American Southwest
  • HIST 4348      History of the Mexican-American in the Southwest
  • HIST 4356      Mexico
  • HIST 4346      Texas History
  • ANTH 3301     American Cultures Before 1492
  • ANTH 4303      Folk Medicine
  • ANTH 4308     Latin American Culture
  • ANTH 4309     Mexican Border Subcultures
  • SPAN 3300     Mexican American Literature
  • SPAN 4311     Spanish Linguistics
  • SPAN 4319     Hispanic Culture
  • SOCI 2361     Pluralistic Societies
  • SOCI 4348     Multicultural Groups in the United States
  • SOCI 4362     Race Relations
  • SOCI 4364     Minority Women in U.S. Society

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