Graduate Studies

The Department of Psychology and Sociology offers an interdisciplinary supporting area in Gerontology preparing graduates to assume leadership positions in programs and agencies serving older people and their families.

The graduate program in Psychology offers three general psychology degree plans. In addition, it is possible to design a degree program that prepares the student for state examinations for certification as a Psychological Associate and/or licensure as a Licensed Professional Counselor.

The student must have at least 18 semester hours of undergraduate psychology as a prerequisite, including courses in statistics, experimental psychology and history and systems of psychology. Additional courses may be needed to allow the student to enroll in specific graduate courses.

Applicants to the graduate program in psychology must be approved by the Psychology Graduate Admissions Review Committee before formal acceptance into the program. Please contact the graduate coordinator for additional information.

The research requirements for all plans include primary data collection and analysis. For additional information see the departmental pamphlet, Graduate Psychology Program.

The Licensed Professional Counselor Track is designed for those students desiring to sit for the state LPC exam. The LPC requirements include 39 hours dictated by the State of Texas LPC Licensing Board and includes the courses contained in the Master’s Degree in Psychology “core curriculum.”

The Preparation for Doctoral Program Track is designed for those students desiring to pursue doctoral studies. This track includes the psychology core curriculum, PSYC 5309, PSYC 5313 and PSYC 5306.

Psychology Core Curriculum courses are required of all students and include:

PSYC 5305

PSYC 5319

PSYC 5325

PSYC 5381

Additionally, the Department of Psychology and Sociology offers a Master of Arts and a Master of Science in Sociology. The program provides advanced training for those preparing for teaching, research or applied careers in sociology such as law enforcement or social work. Prerequisites include at least 18 semester hours of undergraduate sociology. The Master of Science and Master of Arts degrees may be earned under either Plan I or Plan II.

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